eBay Bargain Picks #3

Im delighted with how well these eBay bargain posts have been going! (See pervious features here and here) You guys seem to like them, (come on, who DOESN'T love a good bargain!?) so I don't see any reason to stop sharing all of my thrifty finds with you! Here is my latest batch of bargains from my trawls across eBay:

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The rather simple yet oh-so-fabulous "skort" has taken the fashion blogging world by storm, with so many bloggers sporting it in recent weeks. I think they are a fab little piece, and one that can by styled in so many different ways, so I was determined to get my own skort-fix.

 I found a seller that offers them at a really great price, so I bought them in all the four colours above! (Yes, I have a problem.) Aside from a few stray threads here are there (which can be easily snipped off) they are good quality (especially for the amazing price), and I have been wearing them a lot since they arrived. I haven't featured any of these skorts in an outfit post just yet, but you can see an instagram snap of me wearing the peach one here ~ how cute is it?!

This bright printed tee gives me a much-need print-fix at a bargain price. It's made from a lightweight chiffon-type material, and it's just long enough too do that baggy "half-tuck" into your bottoms ~ a mini styling trick which I love so much. Again, I don't have an outfit post featuring this tee up on the blog yet, but I have shot it already, and I will be publishing the photos along with a full outfit post in the next few days, so stay tuned if you want to see some more pics of it in action!

Finally, this chunky lion head chain is pretty self explanatory. Its cute, its on-trend, and gold hardware jewellery can be teamed with just about everything right now! If you haven't gotten yourself one yet, I strongly recommend snapping one up post-haste!

NOTE: As always, if you're a first-time eBayer, be sure to check out my eBay Shopping Guide here, for handy tips, tricks, and info to help you along. Also remember all the pieces featured above are from sellers in Asia, so shipping can take a lot longer than you might be used to. Again, see my eBay Shopping Guide for more info.


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