Outfit Post: Wide Eyes

Skort : eBay // Shirt : eBay // heels & chain : Penneys/Primark // watch : Casio

After the great reaction to my last eBay bargain picks post (read here) I am excited to show you some of these bargain pieces in an actual outfit post! Fort those of you asking about sizing, I am a size UK10 and  I chose the large size for my skirt just to be on the safe side, as Asian sizing runs quite small in comparison. The result is a relaxed loose fit, which is exactly what I wanted, I don't think these skirts are meant to be worn very tight-fitting. I would say that the large size would probably fit a size 12 also, but if anyone is buying, I would recommend checking the measurements first just to be sure.

Also, how amazing is this printed top? I am having a passionate, unflinching love affair with print and bright colours over the past few months, so this shirt was an instant winner for me. The plain t-shirt shape contrasts wonderfully with the bonkers print, I think that if the cut of the shirt was any more complicated, the whole thing would look too fussy. Another feature that I adore about an outfit like this is the comfort-factor*. Its loose and airy, and I can move in it easily, which always makes me feel more confident, and in-turn, I feel that I look better overall. Don't you just hate those days ( or nights) when you are constantly pulling and tugging at your outfit?! I think its a total buzz kill.

As I mentioned in my last outfit post, I am delighted to be back into the swing of shooting outfits (thanks, Yoseph!) and I have some more lined up for you all in the next few days, as well as my next eBay post, which I am currently working on.


*Note: The "comfort-factor" does not however, apply to shoes. For example, these shoes in particular are a b*tch to wear for a long time, but they are fabulous, and I love them. It is also worth nothing that exactly 3 cocktails will sufficiently increase a shoes "comfort-factor", but may also lead to twirling, dancing and general tomfoolery.

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