Wish List #5 ~ Birthday Jewellery

Im so excited for July to be here. Firstly, I have a feature in this months issue of Stellar Magazine, which I absolutely cannot wait to see and share with you guys (you may have gotten a sneak peak of it here) and also, and secondly ~ it's my Birthday month! My Birthday is on the 7th of July, and I thought It might be fun to do a birthday wish list, I have seen many other bloggers do it before and I think its quite fun!

As you can see, this birthday wish list is jewellery-themed, as Its something I have been thinking about recently. I don't really own much expensive or "special" jewellery, it's mostly trinket and costume jewellery, which is bought relatively cheaply, but can (and often does) tarnish or break over time. Lately I've been dreaming about investment pieces, and spending that bit more to get a piece that will last you a long time. Ideally I would be skipping over to Cartier and Tiffany's to spend to my hearts content, but that's would be overstating my mark (and account balance) somewhat!

So I have chosen a few pieces that are expensive yet affordable, that I would love to be owning sometime in the near future, and that will take me from season to season with class and style.

Mi Moneda Coin Necklaces: I first spotted these on a blogger a few years ago, and have been infatuated ever since. Mi Moneda (the spanish for "My Coin") is a jewellery rage that is "Inspired by vintage coins and combines high-style jewellery with ancient spiritual ideas." The idea is that you customise your own pendant by choosing your own "Moneda" coin, pendant and necklace to create your own signature piece. The selection is so beautiful, and I found myself lusting after the shell design Monedas, with the rose-gold casing, so delish!

Name-Necklace: Something that I've wanted since the ever-fabulous Carrie Bradshaw first sported it in SATC. These name-necklaces are both eye-catching and utterly delicate, everything a nice piece of jewellery should be. There are so many shops online that sell them, but I would rather go with a trusted  seller, as I want to ensure a genuine gold plated finish and good quality. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

Michael Kors Watch: After two separate trips to repairs, my trusty gold Casio has definitely seen better days. It served me well over the past few years, but it's time to start thinking about an upgrade. Considering how much I absolutely adore my Michael Kors bag (see blog post here) since investing in it, I figure that an MK watch would be another good investment. I love the look of a chunky watch on a bare, delicate wrist, and the rose-gold shade appears to go with everything, including irish skin tones! Probably the most expensive item on this wish list, I will probably have to justify it as an occasion-marking purchase, such as getting my first real "grown-up" job (hopefully in television). The funny thing about  occasion-marking purchases is that they serve as an incentive for me to achieve the mark  sooner, which is always a good thing!

Alex and Ani Bracelets: I admit it, I've been pulled in by the hype. They're cute, they're affordable, and they're a collect-and-keep kind of piece, like friendship bracelets for grown-ups! Seeing style-maven Angela Scanlon sporting these quirky, trinket bangles a-plenty makes me want to get in on the "positive energy" they've got going on. Boasting a huge range of collections and personalised pieces, prices for Alex and Ani bracelets start at under €30, and are available at Arnotts. 

Disclaimer: It should be noted that although this is a birthday wish list, I don't expect all (or any) of these pieces to be bought for me for my birthday by my loved one's. However, I just might have to treat myself to one of them in the near future... after all, you only turn 24 once!

What do you think of this Wish-list? Is there anything there that you would buy, or have already? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!


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