eBay Bargain Picks #4: Autumn/Winter Boots

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Im sure you're all somewhat aware by now that chunky boots are big news for Autumn/Winter, and it looks like the clunkier, the better! The phrase "Man Repeller" has been used to describe this type of shoe, and it's one trend that I will definitely be jumping on board with. Now I'm no stranger to my quirky ankle boots (see here, here and here) however, this years desirables are significantly lower and more mannish looking, which to me means more comfortable, which means HUZZAH! 

I also know that I'm a bit quick on the draw in showing you A/W boots when we're still sweating away here in August, but I figured that since most of these items will take at least two, maybe three weeks to ship, that anyone who orders will get them just in time! I hope you guys enjoy this special boot-theemed eBay post, I think I might organise them like this from now on, it makes more sense to group them into themes. I have been getting a wonderful response from you all towards these posts, (read my recent ones here and here) and I'm delighted you like them so much! Please let me know if there is any particular trend or item you would like me to hunt down on eBay, and I will happily put my trawling skills to good use.

 Disclaimer: As with all my eBay bargain posts, please read my beginners guide if you have never shopped on eBay before, so you will know what to expect. Also, be sure to read the descriptions of any item you wish to buy. Considering the cheapness of some of these boots, please don't expect them to be genuine leather, as I am sure most of them are not, and like many highstreet shops, they are probably made from artificial leather. 

Ps: Did you see that I've given my blog a little facelift? I've been getting some help from a lovely blogger Hannah whom I met at the Blog Awards last week, and together we've in the process of giving WildChild Stories a whole new look! I'd love to know what you all think of it.


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