Pretty Little Things: Lingerie from Huit 8

both sets from Huit 8, available at Arnotts

It strikes me as odd that I spend so much time on this blog talking about outerwear, and yet I rarely, if ever, mention anything about what goes on underneath. It is often said that an outfit is only as good as the delicates worn underneath it, as they have a huge impact on how comfortable you feel, and therefore, how good you look. Anyone who doubts this theory should try wearing an ill-fitting bra for a day, it's absolute hell!

 I was invited to the Arnotts Autumn Winter '13 Lingerie Press Preview event last week, but due to unforeseen circumstances (a.k.a an unexpected virus that knocked me for six) I was unable to attend, and had to make due with stalking my blogger buddies instagrams and twitters to get a glimpse of the amazing pieces that were on show. Needless to say it looks like there are some delectable pieces from some great brands in store for us this coming season, and I will be popping into Arnotts myself soon to get a closer look. These two beautiful sets above were gifted to me by the lovely people at Huit 8 lingerie recently, and I can happily say after wearing them on my day-to-day gallivanting, that they are as comfortable and practical as they are beautiful and delicate.

I know too well how easy it is to ignore your underwear, and spend as little as possible on it because its not on show everyday, but after sampling just how comfortable something well-made can be, I think I may have been converted. Now don't expect to see me hop-skipping it into Agent Provocateur anytime soon, but rest-assured, I will be putting more thought (and a bit more dolla) into my underwear choices from now on. "Buy less, spend more", isn't that how the saying goes?


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