Wish List #7: Quirky t-Shirts

Top L-R: here, here and here.
Bottom L-R: here, here and here 

My dear readers, I present to you, the humble t-shirt
In all its tailored, textured forms, the t-shirt will always be a staple in our fashion diets. Like the potato of the garment world, it is a key ingredient, around which a thousand delicious outfits can be whipped up. Lately, I have found myself lusting after quirky, borderline silly t-shirts to spruce up my current wardrobe. Over the years I have accumulated more than my fair share of great basic tees, (yes, basics are very important, see my last wish list post for reasons why) along with a pretty decent band t-shirt collection (more on that at a later date), but now I'm find myself on the hunt for something a bit more light-hearted and, well, fun!

Above are some of my current favourites, and you'll be happy to know that pretty much all of them are very affordable,  (down-right cheap even) and will serve as the perfect injection of whimsy into your wardrobe. Or better still, why not raid your teenage wardrobe (or children's, kid-sisters, second-cousins - you get the drift) for the real deal. Who knows, you might get lucky!

Style your quirky tee with boyfriend jeans, a statement necklace and heels for a casual-cool look on date night, or with overalls and flats for a bit of cutesy nostalgia-chic for a coffee date with friends. The braver of you could even pair your quirky tee with a cocktail skirtstatement clutch and caped-blazer for a playful take on evening wear. Now that is one for my fashion bucket-list. And finally, the best accessory to team your quirky tee with, is a good sense of humour and a care-free attitude. Fashion is supposed to be fun after all, right?


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