A look into my Wardrobe #1: Wardrobe & Shoe-storage

Before I moved up to Dublin, I posted a little interiors inspiration blog-post, featuring some of my dream wardrobes and closet-spaces, and I promised that I would give you guys a little peek into my own wardrobe once I got settled into my new place.  Even though after 3 months of living here, I still feel like there's more I could do to make the perfect closet space for myself, (is an ongoing project!) I feel like I've done enough give you guys a little peek into it how I organise my wardrobe.

Firstly, as you can see from the photos above, I don't use a closed wardrobe for my clothes. I am a bit of a magpie at heart, and I like being able to see my clothes, rather than have them hidden away in a drawer or cupboard, so I thought that two standing rails would be a better idea. I can't recommend standing rails enough, they are so easy to assemble, and if you need to move them around, disassembling them is just as easy. These rails in particular are from Argos, and are both fantastic quality, and seriously great value. At just under €35 each, they are well under the price of even the cheapest wardrobes out there, and they give you heaps of hanging space. 

As for jeans and trousers, I keep them folded in a separate drawer, but that's not very exciting or groundbreaking, so I won't bore you with details. I also use the bottom rows of my clothes rails for shoes (boots and runners, mostly) and the top bars for scarves, bags, and other hangable trinkets. For that bit extra hanging space, I picked up one of those multiple-hook-hanger things in Penneys, on which I hang belts, scarves, and even a nightie or two. As a naturally a messy person, I find this method works best for me, as I don't need to religiously organise my clothes to be able to find anything, its all there in front of me, sittin' pretty and waiting to be worn.

Now, on to the SHOE STORAGE.


As you may gather from the above photo, shoes are my absolute favourite, and I love them, in all their weird and wonderful forms. Shoe-storage is high on my wardrobe priority-list, and it breaks my heart to have to stuff pretty shoes away in a trunk, or god forbid, the back of a wardrobe, to suffocate and gather dust. Those babies were hard-erarned, and they deserve better treatment than that!

Unfortunately, the previously mentioned method was the only one I had, until I moved into this house that is. I got extremely lucky, and this massive square bookcase structure just happened to be in our apartment when we moved in. I was also very lucky that I have an extremely laid-back and wonderful housemate and boyfriend, who was happy to let me commandeer this beautiful structure for my shoes. 

I had this bookshelf/shoeshelf idea for a while now, and I was tempted to invest in a similar piece from Ikea, but my advice to anyone who wants to do something similar, is to check charity shops, furniture markets, and even antique shops for the perfect bookshelf (soon to be shoe-shelf!) and you just might strike gold and nab yourself a bargain.

I hope you guys liked the beginning of this wardrobe series, I must say I really enjoyed writing it!
If you have any storage tips and tricks, or any interesting storage ideas in general, I would really love to hear them. Also, keep an eye out for part two in this series, which will cover jewellery and general accessory storage, I can't wait!


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