Laptops: My new Fashionable Accessory

I've been settling into my new stylist position in iClothing for the past week or so now, and I've been having a blast. Everyone is so lovely, and the work is diverse and enjoyable, albeit a tad overwhelming in the beginning! 

I am in the process of getting my own desktop computer set up for me at my desk, and so in the meantime I have been bringing my trusty laptop to work with me. This has led me to realise that the tattered green laptop case I've had for so long isn't really cutting it anymore, and I've been spending the last few days lusting after some seriously beautiful upgrades.

I love how accessories for laptops have transcended mere functionality, and are now a bonafide fashion accessory of their own. Here are my pick of the best:

Top L - R: Marc by Marc Jacobs, ASOS,  Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bottom L - R: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Diane Von Furstenberg

How cute is the Kate Spade "Business as usual" one? It's gotta be my fave, I would be one happy blogger toting my laptop around in that. All of this has got me looking at the ranges of laptops on offer giving me the urge to upgrade my model entirely (Even if this is really not needed). If you find yourself in the market for a new laptop, Sony have a great range to choose from, featuring the latest technology and a customisable design, with a great range of colours and finishes to choose from, so your laptop can be as unique as you are! For all you bloggers out there that love to write, the Sony VAIO range are great for those days spent tapping away at the computer. Whether you want a simple, sleek design from the VAIO series or if you are quite the creative type and want to make the most of the multimedia features in the VAIO Fit, the range has a lot to offer whatever your needs. Personally, I think a great range are the VAIO Duo hybrid laptops. Take a look at the video below and see what I'm talking about. If you're on the go a lot these laptop/ tablet converters are great for if you need to catch up with some blogging whilst on the move! What's even better is the latest model comes with a cool new pen, so I could literally 'write' up my posts!

What's more is the new Sony range is  as easy on your wallet as they are on the eye, so its a win-win! The only complicated part will be deciding which fabulous case to tote your new laptop around in.


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