Outfit Post: Leather Jogging Pants (Yes Jimmy Kimmel, they definitely ARE a thing)

Leatherette Jogging pants: eBay (Similar here and here) | White Tee: Penneys (similar here and here) | Watch: Michael Kors (more affordable versions here, here and here) | Slip-Ons: Aldo (similar here

Did anyone else catch Kanye Wests' now-infamous interview with Zane Lowe a few days ago? Among other proclamations of deity and ultimate rock-stardom, the musician claimed to have started the leather jogging pant trend, after his submission of the garment to Fendi was denied 6 years ago. He quotes:

"And they said no. How many motherf**kers [do] you see with a leather jogging pant now?!' 

Kanye, all I know is, I love me a good leather jogging pant, so if its you I need to thank for it, then so be it. Thanks, buddy! Jimmy Kimmel later joked about the interview on his late-night talk-show, asking "Are really they a thing now?" Jeez Jimmy, get with the times! 

These joggers in particular aren't real leather unfortunately, but I did snag them on eBay for a bargain-tastic price, I'll be sure to feature the link in my next batch of eBay finds. I also have my eye on the more tailored version from ASOS above, they are seriously slick. In other news, I couldn't be more excited that I am jetting off to Spain in just over a day's time for my sister Claire's Wedding! I can't wait to spend some down-time with my family and friends, and soak up some sunshine of course. I will try to take a few outfit-posts while I'm away, and I'll definitely be updating my facebook and instagram (@WildChild Ciara) as normal, so be sure to check those out to stay updated on my adventures.


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