Statement Jumpers & Early Mornings

Jumper: Romwe (similar here and here and here) | Skirt : ASOS (via Outlet Stores ~ Londons' first and only outlet centre) | Boots : Zara (similar here, and here ) | Bag : Vince Camuto

Between my new new job at iClothing, and some other projects I've been working on, my schedule has been pretty busy lately. Combine that with the fact that mine and Yoseph (my boyfriend and extremely patient photographer) have totally conflicting schedules right now, and it spells trouble for my future outfit posts. I figured out that the only time I can find to take outfit pictures anymore is early in the morning, before I go to work. So this morning I was up before dawn to get ready, and then I waited for the sun to rise before I could go out and and shoot this outfit. It might sound pretty extreme, but to me it's worth it. I love blogging so much, and I'm dedicated to keep WCS running no matter what my schedule is like. So now that I've explained myself, I hope that you guys can forgive me if I look a little sleepy in some of my next outfit posts, including this one.  And hey, you can take my puffy eyes and sleepy stare as a token of how dedicated I am to you guys! 

This outfit is one of my attempts to stay warm without having to wear a bulky jacket, and thankfully this Romwe jumper is just as cosy as it is cute, so I was pretty toasty in it. I teamed it with some thick tights from Penneys, which are great for warmth and comfort, and a kick flare skirt from ASOS. I'm absolutely loving this skirt-shape right now, its so fun and flirty! Beware of rogue gusts of wind however, or you just might end up having your own little Marilyn-moment.

In a bizarre stroke of luck, I managed to win a meal for myself and three friends (cocktails included!) in the Damson Diner on South William street for this evening, which I am pretty darn delighted about! I have heard great things about the spot, so I better pop off and start getting ready, I don't want to be late! Keep an eye on my instagram and twitter to see how I get on, no doubt it will be a lovely evening. I have lots of blog posts planned for the next few days, including a few more early-morning outfit posts, gulp.

Hoping everyone is having a great week!


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