WildChild Adventures: Nerja Photo Diary

As you guys may have noticed, I took a mini-break from blogging for about a week, as I was away in Nerja, Spain for my sister Claire's wedding. I had been to Nerja once before earlier this year (read about that here) and I fell completely in love with the place, so it was a real treat to come back again for another mini-holiday last week. Claire's wedding was on Saturday, and I was absolutely amazing, I can't wait to tell you guys all about it! We are waiting to get all the photos back, so I will do a separate post on that in the next few days. For now I thought I would show you guys some snaps I took during the trip:

Nerja is such a beautiful town, it's nestled down in the south of Spain right by the sea, with palm trees, blue seas, and beaches galore! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it really is a blogger's dream, with so many picturesque spots to choose from!
I got the chance to photograph a few outfits while I was away, and here is a snippet of some of the looks that you'll be seeing on the blog in the next few days. Expect to see lots of colour, print, and a few new eBay bargain finds! Just look at that pineapple bag above, have you ever seen anything as cute?!
As you can expect, there is seafood galore in Nerja, which is marvellous, as it's one of my favourite types of food! I feasted on mussles, prawn cocktails, seafood pasta and risotto, not to mention LOTS of yummy ice-cream. Is it me, or is the ice-cream much nicer abroad? Either way, I'm going to on a serious health kick now that I'm home, I've been very bold!
Although the wedding itself was pretty hectic, with just under 100 of our family and friends all flying over to attend, I still managed to squeeze in some much-needed relaxation time. There was a gorgeous roof-top pool to lounge in, as well as a number of beautiful beaches to hang out on. I am a big swimmer (my family nicknamed me "The Duck" when I was a kid because I loved the water so much!) and I swam in the sea almost every day I was there, it was heaven! I can't tell you how great it was to get to spend some quality time with my friends and relatives, some of whom I hadn't seen in years upon years! My self and my boyfriend Yoseph also celebrated our 4 year anniversary during the trip, which was fantastic timing, as I could not imagine a more beautiful place to celebrate the occasion in. 

Now that I am back in Dublin, I have lots to catch up on! I am back to work in iClothing tomorrow, and I will be getting stuck into all my plans and projects, as well as regular blogging again. Expect to see a few outfit posts up on the blog in the next few week or two, as well as a special wedding-post once I get my mitts on the photos, I cannot WAIT to see them!


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