The Party Edit: Casino Girl

I dont know about you guys, but I absolutely love The Party Season. As well as all of the relaxation and family-time that the Christmas season brings (not to mention all the amazing food) I absolutely love all the opportunities there are to get all dressed-up. As I mentioned on my facebook page earlier in the week, I wanted to do a special feature for you all on my top picks for the Party Season, to help you guys choose your perfect party outfit for your Christmas party,  New Years Eve, or any other events you might have coming up this season. Since there are SO many different looks and trends available online right now, I have decided to group these posts into different styles for different personalities. First up is the Casino Girl! 

Casino Girl :

The Casino Girl is the life of the party. She is a glamorous, fun-loving creature, who is never afraid to make a statement with her sartorial choices. Swathed in sequins and draped in faux-fur, she'll party the night away and still be dancing come dawn. Are you the Casino Girl?

(Casino Girl muses include: Elizabeth Taylor, Katy Perry, and Anna Wintour circa 1990)

The Dress:
I found so many gorgeous dresses online that were perfect for the Casino Girl, it was difficult to narrow it down! I wanted to make sure that all the dressed I featured were affordable, and I found that ASOS and Missguided had a great selection of bold, bright colours and sequins galore! So whether or not your next party takes you to an actual Casino, you'll be ready to party the night away in style! Here are my top picks, you can shop them in the widget below:

The Accessories:
Of course, we can't forget the accessories! No Casino Girl's outfit would be complete without some embellishment, think statement necklaces, lots of embellishment and of some faux-fur to keep cosy! You can view and shop my picks using the widget below:

I hope you guys enjoyed this first instalment of The Party Edit, hopefully it will give you some inspiration when choosing your party outfits over the next few weeks. Be sure to stay tuned for my next  few Party Edit features on The Champagne Girl, The Chic Girl and The It Girl... I think you're gonna love them! 

Happy Shopping guys!


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