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This is just a quick post to update you all on some press features and projects I was involved in recently. The first is an article in the Irish Independent which I was featured in last Saturday, about the rise of online shopping in Ireland. I was asked questions about my experiences shopping online, and how I felt about it's pro's and con's overall. As most of you know, Im a huge online shopper, so as you can imagine, I had a lot to talk about! A photographer from the paper also came to my house last week to take pictures of my wardrobe, and some of my favourite pieces I've found online.  It was a really fun article to be part of, and I was delighted with the finished piece, a double page spread in the Independent's weekend magazine. If you missed the feature over the weekend, you can check out the online edition here. I've included a photo of the full piece above, Im sorry about the poor quality, I will try to scan the feature as soon as I get the chance. 

The second project I was involved in was with Frockadvisor, a new online fashion collective set up by Sonya Lennon and Brendon Courtney. I filmed two pieces with them about a month ago, the first one being a really fun profile video as part of their blogger series. It was a candid, interview style piece in which I was asked questions about myself, my blog, and my life in fashion. Filming with such a great team made it a really great experience and I am delighted with the result, you can watch it for yourself below:

The second piece I filmed for Frockadvisor was a shorter styling piece, in which I was set the task of styling up my favourite item from the new Lennon Courtney collection into my own look. I chose the leather midi skirt, which is such a gorgeous, elegant piece, and I decided to put my own personal spin on it by adding some quirky accessories to complete the look. You can watch it below to see what I came up with:

Below is a snap we took on the day of my finished look, what do you think? 

Being asked to get involved with exciting projects like these has to be one of my favourite aspects of blogging and working in fashion, as it's always such a pleasure to work with such talented, creative people. So I hope you guys enjoyed these little features I shared with you, I was so pleased with the first Frockadvisor video that I've even included it in my blog's "About" page, which I updated recently. Also, be sure to check out all the other amazing blogger profiles and videos on their website, they are all fantastic!

Hoping you're all having a great weekend!

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