The Party Edit: It Girl

The It Girl is a creature of mayhem and mystery. She is powerful and confident in tailored pieces, yet delicate and waif-like in sheer fabrics and feminine silhouettes. With outfits that always defy expectations, the It Girl is never one to play by the fashion-rules, and that's why you love her. She is everything and anything all at once, colourful yet minimal, strong yet subtle, and always original, yet always chic. Are you the It Girl?

Some It Girl Muses include: Alexa Chung, Chloe Sevigny, and our very own Angela Scanlon. 

The Outfit:

I have to say that out of all my "Party Edit" Girls, the It Girl has to be my favourite, as she is definitely the girl I identify most with. I've never had one fixed style that I stick to, therefore what I'm wearing will always depend on my mood. I know everyone says that, but I really believe it! The same applies for Party-Wear. When I choose my outfit for a night out, I always think about the type of night I want to have. Do I want to dance all night? Do I want to meet new people? Do I want an adventure? It might sound silly, but my sartorial choices will nearly always follow this type of pattern.

I digress, back to the clothes! I loved choosing outfits for the It Girl, as you can really have fun with your look. Masculine tailoring is a key player in any It Girl's party outfit, with cute cami's over printed chinos giving a powerful, masculine take on sexy. Sequins are also a key player, as long as they're anything but prim and proper. Opt for a sequinned teeshirts or embellished sweaters instead, and team it with trumpet skirts and clashing prints for ultimate It Girl vibes . Shop my top picks below:

The Accessories:

A good accessory is every It Girl's power source. Keep them quirky, eye catching and even mismatched for equal measures of fun and fabulous. Off-beat accessories such as slogan pieces, embellished hairbands, and statement necklaces are sure to finish off any It Girl party look perfectly, just don't wear them all at once! Choose wisely, and wear with confidence. The quirky clutch is your secret weapon, use it as a conversation starter, and to stash all your new-found party treasures. Shop my tops picks below:

I hope you enjoyed this Party Edit blog series, and that maybe it helped give you some inspiration when putting together your own party outfits this season. If you haven't checked out all the others yet, then be sure to pay a visit to The Casino Girl, The Champagne Girl, and The Chic Girland please let me know which one think you are. I'd really love to hear which girl you'll be channeling this Party Season!

Hope you're all having a great week,

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