WildChild Updates: My Fitness Routine

After months of ignoring it, I've come to the realisation that my fitness routine has really taken a back seat since I moved to Dublin before the Summer. Back in Galway, I used to go to various fitness classes with my sisters, and I'd even go for the occasional run, when I was feeling extra motivated. I was by no means an expert, but I did find that exercising even for just an hour or two a week did wonders for my general well being. As a naturally hyper person, its important for me to exert myself both physically and mentally, whether it be through my blog, my work as a stylist, or any of the other projects I'm involved in. Im always so much happier when Im doing something, and as the old saying goes, the Devil makes work for idle hands! Having a healthy and regular fitness routine equals peace of mind for me, and I so I am determined to get back into a decent routine in the next few weeks.

I've always been a relatively slim person, due in part to good genes (Thanks, Mum!) and a maintaining a relatively healthy diet, but as I mentioned already, exercise for me isn't about just staying slim. I was looking at some inforgraphics that MYA sent me recently, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the the shift in the general public's view of the ideal body, it appears we are finally lifting the pressure we once placed on ourselves to be a size 0, and what wonderful news that is. Exercise isn't about striving for the ideal figure, its about having a healthy body and mind, and of course, being happy in your own skin.

And now, on to the shopping! Having the proper fitness gear (sports bras, good runners, etc) is essential to getting a decent routine going, and I always find that having some nice exerciser gear really motivates me to get out and do it! You can shop my top picks below:

Hoping everyone is having a lovely Sunday,


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