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London Fashion Week Day 2 ~ House of Holland Show ~ Photos & News!

Hey guys! 
Firstly I have to say that Im so sorry for not being able to post about this sooner, but unfortunately my internet was pretty much non-existent while I was away! So now that I am finally able to blog properly again, its time to show let you guys in on all the gossip from the House of Holland show, which I went over to cover for Pretty Polly! It was such an amazing experience, and although I cant show you the finished video just yet, here are some of the behind-the-scenes snaps in the meantime to fill you in on all the fun!
First things first, here's what I wore for the show! I wanted something comfortable and functional as I knew I would be running around, but I also wanted to be happy with my outfit, so I chose a recently purchased New Look maxi skirt with a double slit at the front (€10 on sale- JOB!) and teamed that with an American Apparel crop top. I finished the look off with my trusty ASOS leather leopard print jacket, which I am still hopelessly in love with! :)

Armed with my blogger pass, Im ready to go!

The show was held in an underground car-park, it was the coolest location, and there was an army of Henrys standing guard outside the show entrance!

 Here I am amongst all the chaos, look how many photographers and press there are there, and that wasn't even all of them, crazy stuff!

 As soon as the show started I immediately fell in love with this seasons collection, it was so fresh and colourful, in typical House of Holland Style! This season's designs were entitled "Buzz Kill", and the collection took inspirations from both the glamour and grunge of the 90's. It boasted some fun and quirky little pieces, including this t-shirt below which I loved, as well as some beautiful tie dye silks and metallic prints!


The front-row pack (or FROW, as its commonly called) was particularly impressive this year, with  Kelly Osbourne,  Pixie Geldof, Alexa Chung, Poppy Develigne, Leigh Lezark and Nicola Roberts among guests. The wonderful Laura Whitmore (whom I had the pleasure of meeting on LFW Day 1) was also back stage broadcasting live for eBay!



I also had a quick chat with Henrys lovely Mum Stephanie again, she is such a sweet lady, I swear she gets prouder of him ever year!  She also looks absolutely fabulous all decked out in his collections, might I add :)

It was so amazing to be in the midst of all the madness and interviews, I sort of wish I had a proper microphone for my camera, as in situations like this one, you really need one for sound purposes!

I also caught up with the wonderful Pixie Geldof again, who was super excited for Henry's new collection, she even managed to get a sneak peak before the show, the lucky thing! She couldn't have been sweeter, its always a pleasure chatting to her :)

I also chatted to the rather dashing Brendan Courtney, who was at the show filming for Off the Rails, and boy was he working it like a pro! Its amazing to watch him interact with all the guests and stars, I could really learn alot from him, he's so warm and charismatic. Here's a snap of him with my partner-in-crime Byron, who also acted as my cameraman for the whole trip!

 Getting to see Henry showcase his designs for a second time was such an amazing experience, and it was even more hectic than last time, if you can believe it! I absolutely relished the experience however, and loved every minute of the madness. As I said after last seasons experience, its made me realize even more that this type of work is what I want to do, all day everyday! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for the video, its coming soon I promise! More photos and  info on the fashion show here and here To check out my adventures from last season's show, check out the photo diary here, and the behind-the scenes video here! 

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London Fashion Week - Day 1 - Photos and Updates

 So I'm here in London for Fashion Week!!! This is going to have to be  a rather quick post today, as I have to run out the door again! Internet was being funny last night so I wasn't able to upload anything unfortunately, but here is a quick update of the situation for you all :) Myself and Byron landed safe and sound yesterday, and although we missed most of the first day, we decided to pop into Somerset House anyway to see what was going on! We met up with loads of the Irish bloggers, Tar Mar, Leanne Woodfull, Conor Clinch, Sarah & Jennie from WWIT, and a few others. It was so great to meet up with some familiar faces, some of the girls I had never even met properly before so it was really great to have coffees and chats. I had an absolute blast hanging out with them, and as per usual with LFW, there was some serious style (and celeb) spotting to be done! (Above Photo: Here's a quick snap of  some of the group of bloggers from Ireland, from left to right: Sarah & Jennie from WWIT, Myself, Byron Yeates, and Tar Mar!) Here's a quick snap of my Blogger pass for LFW, its so funny to see my details printed out on a card like that, I feel so official! It was a bit of a proud blogger moment I think!

 I also had the pleasure of meeting one of my idols, Laura Whitmore! Yes, as lame as it sounds, she is someone I really look up to, particularly from a career perspective, I just think she does her job so well, and I would aspire to someday be in the position she is! She was so nice and friendly though, and so easy to chat to. Its funny, as I have had the opportunity of meeting quite a few big names through my work with Fashion Week before, but she is the only person that I've met that made me a a bit jittery and nervous. (So lame, I know!) Check out the head on me, FanGirl or what like? I'm such a dork :D

Thats all my news for now really, as I arrived so late yesterday (and was horribly sleep deprived) I decided to take it easy on the videos and all that, but todays a new day! Im heading in now to do some street style spotting and catch some shows hopefully, and I'll be videoing my adventures so I'll see who I can grab for a chat! The House of Holland show is also later this evening, and I'm super excited about that! I'll try to update as much as I can via my Twitter and Instagram, so if you're not following me on those yet, get involved! I better go now, so wish me luck!


London Fashion Week: VIDEO - Behind the scenes @ House of Holland

 Just a quick post today, I wanted to show you all my final video from London Fashion Week. A bit more exciting than my past few video blogs, this is a behind the scenes look at the House of Holland show that I covered for Pretty Polly It was such a wonderful/interesting/insane experience, and Im so happy to be able to share it with you guys, as well as all the Pretty Polly fans! Please forgive the sketchy editing, it was my first time undertaking such a project, and I must say I really enjoyed the challenge, its something I'd definitely like to do again!
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Pretty Polly Legs Eleven

Hey guys!
Some exciting news for you all! I'm in the final of a really exciting competition!

So way back in March, a friend showed me this competition being held on Facebook by Pretty Polly, the popular hosiery brand we all know and love, that were searching for the next pair of legs to represent their brand for 2011. Thinking how amazing and exciting of an opportunity it could be, I entered my best leggy photo, (above) one from a retro-themed shoot I did not too long ago with a wonderful photographer and friend Ronan. The public were to vote for their favourites, and the top eleven would be invited to London for a final judging to decide the winner. If that wasn't exciting enough, one of the judges is Henry Holland! Upon seeing that the competition wasn't finishing until the end of June, I was a little disheartened, and thought that with all that time and the hundreds of girls that would undoubtedly want to enter, surely I would never make it to the top eleven with these humble pins of mine!
Months passed, and I had little hope, thats is until, I checked up on it the night before the competition closed, only to find I was in 43rd place! OH THE EXCITEMENT! I asked for my friends on Facebook to kindly show me some support in the final hours, hoping that with a bit of luck I could make it into the Top Eleven. I was overwhelmed at the response my plea got, and the votes started tumbling in, and when the competition finally closed, I was in 7th place!!!!

This means that I am invited, along with the other Top Eleven gals (and one guy :P) to the Final Judging in London in August! Now I've started thinking about the competition, because having come this far, I have to be confident in myself, and that I have a shot at winning it. Why you ask? Because (and I apologise for shamelessly selling myself here) I think I could be just what Pretty Polly are looking for, I've got my own style and am not afraid to express it, through this my little blog that I love so much. My experience with journalism allows me to understand how the media world works, and how to effectively promote a brand or product... and hey, the modeling experience couldn't hurt right? Im not a professional model or anything, but It means I will be confident and comfortable in front of a camera, and able to hold my own, even amidst the possible madness of a Pretty Polly photoshoot!

I know all this sounds terribly corny, obnoxious even...and that's not my intention. If you want to achieve something, anything, that you have to 100% believe in yourself, or what's the point?! You have to convince yourself that you're the only person for the job, that you can do it better than anyone else, and fellas, that what I'm gonna try to do!

Now I just need to make a certain Mr Holland & co. believe it too :)

I am so grateful to everyone who gave the time to vote, and I thank you all for your support, much love guys, and if I do win, there shall be a pair of Pretty Polly's in it for you all, not to worry! <3

Also cannot wait to meet all the other finalists, it should be quite the adventure!

and here's a nice little video about the competition if you want to take a peek!

and check out the rest of the finalists here, on the Pretty Polly website,
definitely some nice legs in that bunch!

Wide Eyed Fire Child,