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Some shots from a recent photo shoot with Sean McCormack

Hey guys :) I certainly hope everyone is nice and cosy despite this absolutely horrible weather we're having at the moment. There is an actual storm going on in Galway right now, its crazy! I have to admit though, the near-apocalyptic weather we're having at the moment is making me feel a whole lot better about being curled up on the couch right now. I've been smothered with a headcold for the past few days, and its left me feeling pretty crummy. 

So Im sorry for not having a new outfit post, or new feature for you guys today, but I've been trying to rest up as much as I can, so instead I thought I'd share with you a few photos from a shoot I did recently. The photos were shot by Sean McCormack, a great Galway based photographer, you can check out his other work on his website here. We wanted the vibe of the shoot to be a bit grungy and a lot less polished than your usual shoot, a bit like the type of stuff Terry Richardson comes out with. Im really happy with how the shots came out, and we had a lot of fun getting it all together, as we always do!


Hope you guys like the shots, feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below.
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WildChild Stories X SICKBOYGIRL ~ Behind the Scenes @ Shoot

I took part in a really fun photoshoot a few days ago and  I thought you guys might like to see some behind the scenes pictures from it! It was a really fun project to be involved in, for a up-and-coming clothing line called SICKBOYGIRL, set up by Michelle Campion, an artist from Galway. She does these really killer illustrations of all different things (unicorns, cartoon characters, sugar skulls, you name it ) and their going to be featured on a collection of clothing ranging from T-shirts, cute crop-tops, skirts and a long sleeve shirt/light sweater. 

I modeled the prototypes for her, with the very talented Sean McCormack, behind the camera, a photographer I have been lucky enough to have collaborated with a few times before. I absolutely loved the concept of the shoot, it was very edgy, almost sci-fi themed, with avant garde makeup and simple straight hair. My favourite types of shoots are always ones where the brief is a bit wacky, its so much more fun than ones where you have to just stand there and try to look pretty. (emphasis on try there!) Here are some of the snaps we took on location:

Blue lips, mad eyebrows, and some face crystals ~ Love it :)

Here's myself, Michelle and Sean having a laugh together after the shoot. We made a good team!

I also wanted to show you guys my nails from the shoot, aren't they wicked? They were made specially by Dolly Nails, I loved them! They arrived really long so I was able to shape them really pointed for the shoot. Given that its a really impractical shape to wear everyday, I have since filed them down to a reasonable size :)

The first photo at the top is one of the finished shots, I'm really happy with it, What do you guys think? I'll post up the rest as soon as I get my hands on them! 

 Wild Child, 


Cotton Face Vintage Shoot: Behind the Scenes and Video!

As promised, here is Photo Diary of my shoot with Cotton Face Vintage. We had a wonderful time shooting with Sean Mc Cormack and Samantha Craughwell MUA and here are some of the behind the scenes shots, in which you can see me freezing my butt off with a red nose. Now thats dedication for you! ((Disco Pants and heels are my own, everything else is from Cotton Face Vintage))

The most amazing suede fringed jacket!

Now, I dont know if you remember me mentioning making a wee video of the day, but I went and made one for you all! I have decided that I want to start doing video blogs to accompany my blog, I especially like the "out and about" ones that I see other people do, so thats what Im aiming for!

As for all you experienced video bloggers out there, please feel free to give me some trips and tricks on making my videos better, and leave your channel address in the comment box below so I can subscribe to your channels! Here is my Youtube channel, Its called "WildChildCiara" and I would love some subscribers too, so hit that button and come say hi! Thats all for now folks,
I hope you like the video, all comments and feedback appreciated


Photo Diary ~ River Island Press Event, Photoshoot BTS and more...

I splashed out and bought myself the most wonderful new camera recently, a Canon G12 to be exact, and with it I have been getting very snap-happy lately, so I thought it was time for another Photo Diary to let you guys in on what I've been up to!

A sneak-peak of a grungy photo shoot I did with my beautiful friend Emma recently, with fellow blogger Byron Yeates behind the camera. We had so much fun, I can't wait to show you guys the rest!

Byron also took these photos of me before the Curfew Clubnight recently, I thought they were pretty cool!

Myself and two of my sisters have started a hilarious new fitness regime using exercise balls and Gunner Peterson's Core Fitness DVD... Its so much fun working out with friends, it makes it so much less boring... although at times it is rather hard to take it seriously, as you can see :)

I had a photoshoot with the very talented Sean Mc Cormack last week, It went really well and I cant wait to post the results, although I regrettably have to keep them hushed for now!

I was invited up to River Island HQ last week to take part in a fun project featuring there new "Miami" Spring Summer collection. Check out the far-out prints, they really remind me of Vintage 90's Versace,  so loud colourful, and just the right shade of tacky! I really can't wait to get my hands on one or two pieces. They should be hitting stores soon so I wont have to wait too long :)

Jotting down notes, dates, and general musings/ideas in my lovely new notebook, I have a never-ending love affair with stationery!
Some new pieces I picked up in River Island with vouchers they kindly gave me from my visit, Spoiled rotten I am  haha :) The colour of these pastel jeans is the most delectable Mint-shade. Pastels are set to be a big trend again this summer, and this is one trend I really want to incorporate. I love the fresh colours and ice-cream tones.
New ankle boots! You can ever have enough ankle boots, this much I am sure of. These beauties I also picked up in River Island.

Falling ill this week with a nasty gum infection (Curse you, Wisdom Teeth!!) has resulted in alot of painkillers, antibiotics, and sleepless nights. But thankfully it also included alot of ice-cream, Twister Ice Pops, Adventure Time Cartoons, Skyrim on the x-box, and lots of David Attenborough Documentaries, so it wasn't all bad really!

When browsing through the InLoveWithFashion website in my sickly state, I realised that one of the photos from my recent outfit posts is featured as a stock photo on their website. How lovely! It also features my blog address too, which was very nice of them. Thanks fellas! That's all for now folks, I'm really looking forward to being back to good health, and most importantly back to business!



Feline Fatale Poster & Finished Shots...

I thought I'd share with you guys the final shots and finished poster for Galway Cat Rescue Fashion show, what do you guys think? I loved the edgy makeup and hair! Not to mention the clothes are divine, they're an amazing Irish label Harlow and Harvey.