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INSTA-LIFE #3 ~ My Life via Instagram

Magazine Shoots, feminist cross-stitching and Tayto sandwiches ... here's whats been going on in my life lately via my Instagram:

Some of my beauty essentials, I couldn't survive without my Simple Eye Makeup remover, Blistex lip balm, and Quickies polish romover wipes!

I went up to Dublin last week to shoot a street style feature for Stellar Magazine ~ here's what I wore....

And here's a wee shot of me in action, borrowed from the lovely Corina Gaffey, Stellar fashion editor.
The issue should be out in June!

I picked up these lovely new flats from Penneys a few days ago.  I was really impressed with the quality and sure you can't beat Penney's prices!

I had a craft and sushi night with my sister and our friend Kitty recently, my sis Briona is making the most amazing cross stitch above, she's actually so good at it!  

I also started my own little project of embellishing a beanie. So far so good, I can't wait to finish it!

Shameless selfie photo-taking while shopping.

I have been trying to take better care of my nails recently, and they've turned out so well, they're longer and stronger than ever before. I'm constantly painting them now! This shade is Boot's 17 brand in the shade "Mint Choc Chip" :)


Holding the most adorable little puppy and DYING of the cuteness.

Sunshine, ice-creams and no shoes make for a happy Ciara.

Tayto sandwiches on the bus to Dublin today. 
"You can take the girl out of Galway...."

To see more photos like these of my daily life, you can follow me on Instagram here or by searching the username @WildChildCiara (same as my Twitter!) 

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I havent had one of these posts in a while now, so here is a look at what I've been up to lately according to my Instagram account! I absolutely love Instagram and I use it nearly everyday, so if you're on it, hit me up! My name is @WildChildCiara (same as my Twitter) or click the link here to follow.

My beautiful new faux fur coat from Asos. I know its technically Springtime now, but the Irish weather doesn't seem to think so, so I'm still rocking my Winter furs with a vengeance, they're just so warm and cosy!

Sleepy Selfie
Catching up with a friend over Mojitos in Dublin, so good!

I snapped up these beautiful strappy heels in Penneys/Primark for only €13 last week. Delighted would be an understatement. They still have some in there, so I urge you to grab a pair before they sell out ~ they're so pretty!

The constant travelling back and forth to Dublin has resulted in me becoming a professional in bus-makeup -application, its a fine art!

BloggerMail! I love coming home to packages,  it's so exciting :) 

((awkward toilet-selfie alert)) Wearing my new Penneys/Primark overall dress with a sequin tee and eBay bowler.

One of my dogs Stanley likes keeping an eye out for the postman, so cute!
It was my Mum's birthday yesterday (yay!) so we went shopping in town and had lunch together. I  tried a Bellini for the first time, they're delicious!

Yesterday's essentials, I was MC'ing a Fashion event in the Harbour Hotel last night, and also giving a talk on Spring/Summer trends, so cue-cards and pens are a must for scrip-writing!

Here's a quick snap of my outfit for the event, one of my favourite dresses at the moment, the Gabby Sequin Dress from Motel Rocks. So sparkly, I love it!

Flowers & Champagne at the reception 
Last night's event was a success, and my fashion talk went really well. I loved MC'ing the show, and had so much fun. Here's a quick snap after it finished, when I could finally relax and have some champagne! :)

Also, if anyone is looking to buy anything from Motel Rocks, don't forget you can use my special code "WILDCHILDCIARA" at the checkout to get 20% off all day everyday! Woop!