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INSTA-LIFE #4 ~ My Life via Instagram

House-hunting, sun-frolicking, magazine photo-shoots, and new hairstyles ... here's whats been going on in my life lately, via my Instagram....

So as I mentioned in my last post, the past two weeks have been pretty hectic! I had my last few days working in Eason Galway, followed by an amazing leaving party, where I got to have some fun with my amazing work buddies, whom I will sorely miss! It was an amazing night! I also reached a whopping 1,000 followers on instagram that evening, so that was another little reason to celebrate!

as you can see above, I have been indulging in some of my favourite food. Lazy breakfasts, healthy lunches, and ice-creams galore! Mr Freezes are a must in every girls Summer Diet, you know! 
Wine, cheese and cured meats teamed with old movies is my absolute favourite way to chill.

The weather has been so amazing recently, It feels like Summer is well and truly here! Despite having lots to do, I had to make time for some fun in the sun! Outdoor blogging, family barbecues, and moseying around town in the sunshine. Check out my Dad wearing my Obey hat, he liked it so much I hd to let him keep it ~ just look at him!

My outfit for house-viewings in Dublin last week ~ rolled-up Topshop jeans, Schuh ankle boots, Penneys blazer and MissGuided fedora. I'm also loving the new BarryM "Gelly" nail polish range at the moment, they're fantastic quality!

As I also mentioned yesterday, I got a completely new hairstyle last week! I was getting so sick and tired of my long hair, and so I decided to go for a much shorter, layered hairstyle. I went to COM Hairdressing in Temple Bar in Dublin, and I was so pleased with the service and staff, they we're so nice and helpful ~ my stylist Dylan spent over an hour cutting and shaping my hair. I am so pleased with how the style turned out, I definitely think a shorter do suits me better, no to mention its a lot easier to manage! I cant wait to try out some different styles with it, as it will hold volume and curls so much better now!

In other news, I was absolutely delighted (and a little bit shocked) to be asked to take part in a special "Style Diary" shoot for Stellar magazine's "Most Stylish in Ireland" Feature. As you can imagine, I was extremely flattered and so excited when they asked to shoot my 3 current favourite outfits for their July issue. Above is a sneak-peak of one of my outfits.
I have always been a massive fan of Stellar Magazine, and I've had the pleasure of collaborating with them a few times before, but this upcoming feature will my biggest by far! Im so excited for it to come out in July, which will also be my birthday month, yay!

aaaand finally, I am excited to show you guys this little festival-themed Streetstyle feature I took part in for this months Stellar Magazine. It was shot a few weeks ago outside St Stephens Green park in Dublin, and I am really happy how it came out. I was delighted to be featured among some lovely Irish bloggers and fashionistas, so be sure to pick up this month's issue to check it out for yourself! 

To see more photos like these of my daily life, you can follow me on Instagram here or by searching the username @WildChildCiara (same as my Twitter!) 


INSTA-LIFE #3 ~ My Life via Instagram

Magazine Shoots, feminist cross-stitching and Tayto sandwiches ... here's whats been going on in my life lately via my Instagram:

Some of my beauty essentials, I couldn't survive without my Simple Eye Makeup remover, Blistex lip balm, and Quickies polish romover wipes!

I went up to Dublin last week to shoot a street style feature for Stellar Magazine ~ here's what I wore....

And here's a wee shot of me in action, borrowed from the lovely Corina Gaffey, Stellar fashion editor.
The issue should be out in June!

I picked up these lovely new flats from Penneys a few days ago.  I was really impressed with the quality and sure you can't beat Penney's prices!

I had a craft and sushi night with my sister and our friend Kitty recently, my sis Briona is making the most amazing cross stitch above, she's actually so good at it!  

I also started my own little project of embellishing a beanie. So far so good, I can't wait to finish it!

Shameless selfie photo-taking while shopping.

I have been trying to take better care of my nails recently, and they've turned out so well, they're longer and stronger than ever before. I'm constantly painting them now! This shade is Boot's 17 brand in the shade "Mint Choc Chip" :)


Holding the most adorable little puppy and DYING of the cuteness.

Sunshine, ice-creams and no shoes make for a happy Ciara.

Tayto sandwiches on the bus to Dublin today. 
"You can take the girl out of Galway...."

To see more photos like these of my daily life, you can follow me on Instagram here or by searching the username @WildChildCiara (same as my Twitter!) 

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INSTA-LIFE #2 ~ My Life via Instagram

Press Days, Date Nights, Jimbo Jones, and more... here's whats been going on in my life lately: 

I went to the River Island High Summer Press Day last week, It was so much fun! The press office was turned in to a tropical paradise, with fake grass and palm trees! 

Here's my outfit for the Press Event: ASOS Faux fur coat, Penneys Tshirt, H&M leather pants, American Apparel belt, and River Island beanie.

Blogger Bantz with my friend Emma, you can find her blog here. She's just startig out as a blogger, so show her some love! :) 

These beautiful Cinderella-esque beauties were my top pick from the Press Day. 
How cute are they?!

One of my recent outfit post, shot in Spain. Oh how I wish I was back there again, frolicking in the sunshine!

That time last week when I was Jimbo Jones.

Six of my empty MAC containers ready to be exchanged! The Back2MAC program allows you to exchange any 6 empties for a free lipstick ~ how cool is that??!

Here is a snap of the lipstick I picked up ~ "Up the Amp" from the Satin range, and I think it could be my favourite lippy shade right now. I wanted a bright, fun colour for Spring/Summer, and this is a sort of violet/pink shade, its amazing!

Cute little cross chain from the River Island Press Day :)

This beauty is the newest addition to my wardrobe. Cannot WAIT to style it!!

I am officially obsessed with Gossip Girl right now. How did I not start watching it sooner?!? Their lives, the clothes, CHUCK BASS?!... Its perfection.

Date-night smiles with the boyf. :)

I waited a whole MONTH for my Bart Simpson printed denim shirt to arrive (curse you, eBay) But HOT DAMN it was worth it. Its my new favourite thing, in the whole world, ever.

To see more photos like these of my daily life, you can follow me on Instagram here or by searching the username @WildChildCiara (same as my Twitter!) 



I havent had one of these posts in a while now, so here is a look at what I've been up to lately according to my Instagram account! I absolutely love Instagram and I use it nearly everyday, so if you're on it, hit me up! My name is @WildChildCiara (same as my Twitter) or click the link here to follow.

My beautiful new faux fur coat from Asos. I know its technically Springtime now, but the Irish weather doesn't seem to think so, so I'm still rocking my Winter furs with a vengeance, they're just so warm and cosy!

Sleepy Selfie
Catching up with a friend over Mojitos in Dublin, so good!

I snapped up these beautiful strappy heels in Penneys/Primark for only €13 last week. Delighted would be an understatement. They still have some in there, so I urge you to grab a pair before they sell out ~ they're so pretty!

The constant travelling back and forth to Dublin has resulted in me becoming a professional in bus-makeup -application, its a fine art!

BloggerMail! I love coming home to packages,  it's so exciting :) 

((awkward toilet-selfie alert)) Wearing my new Penneys/Primark overall dress with a sequin tee and eBay bowler.

One of my dogs Stanley likes keeping an eye out for the postman, so cute!
It was my Mum's birthday yesterday (yay!) so we went shopping in town and had lunch together. I  tried a Bellini for the first time, they're delicious!

Yesterday's essentials, I was MC'ing a Fashion event in the Harbour Hotel last night, and also giving a talk on Spring/Summer trends, so cue-cards and pens are a must for scrip-writing!

Here's a quick snap of my outfit for the event, one of my favourite dresses at the moment, the Gabby Sequin Dress from Motel Rocks. So sparkly, I love it!

Flowers & Champagne at the reception 
Last night's event was a success, and my fashion talk went really well. I loved MC'ing the show, and had so much fun. Here's a quick snap after it finished, when I could finally relax and have some champagne! :)

Also, if anyone is looking to buy anything from Motel Rocks, don't forget you can use my special code "WILDCHILDCIARA" at the checkout to get 20% off all day everyday! Woop!



Photo Diary // My Life in Pictures

Hey all! Just thought I would do a quick Photo-Diary, as I haven't done one in a while, letting you guys know what I've been up to the past week or so! The first picture above features my new customised studded phone cover, made by Retro Flame, I love it so much, and it really protects my phone too :)

Piking out outfits for a feature I filmed during the week with Fashion|One Tv (read more about that here)

I finally got to se Les Miserables during the week with my Mum and Sister. It was absolutely amazing, and I cried like a baby!

Chilling with fellow bloggers Tanith and Nuala in Factory

I picked up some gorgeous jewellery bits in Penneys a few days ago, they have some amazing neon pieces right now, all the ones pictured are only €5! Absolute JOB. I cant wait to layer them all together over a shirt!

I wore some Impress nails during the week, which I absolutely love because they're so easy to use. (read my "review on them here") These ones are available in Penneys, they're so handy when you have no time (or patience) to do your own nails.

One of my dogs Butters chilling out in front of the fire. He's got the right idea.

 We get up to mischief in work on Sundays.

Follow me on Instagram ~ @WildChildCiara for more personal/everyday photos like these.

Wild Child

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