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Some shots from a recent photo shoot with Sean McCormack

Hey guys :) I certainly hope everyone is nice and cosy despite this absolutely horrible weather we're having at the moment. There is an actual storm going on in Galway right now, its crazy! I have to admit though, the near-apocalyptic weather we're having at the moment is making me feel a whole lot better about being curled up on the couch right now. I've been smothered with a headcold for the past few days, and its left me feeling pretty crummy. 

So Im sorry for not having a new outfit post, or new feature for you guys today, but I've been trying to rest up as much as I can, so instead I thought I'd share with you a few photos from a shoot I did recently. The photos were shot by Sean McCormack, a great Galway based photographer, you can check out his other work on his website here. We wanted the vibe of the shoot to be a bit grungy and a lot less polished than your usual shoot, a bit like the type of stuff Terry Richardson comes out with. Im really happy with how the shots came out, and we had a lot of fun getting it all together, as we always do!


Hope you guys like the shots, feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below.
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WildChild Stories X SICKBOYGIRL ~ Behind the Scenes @ Shoot

I took part in a really fun photoshoot a few days ago and  I thought you guys might like to see some behind the scenes pictures from it! It was a really fun project to be involved in, for a up-and-coming clothing line called SICKBOYGIRL, set up by Michelle Campion, an artist from Galway. She does these really killer illustrations of all different things (unicorns, cartoon characters, sugar skulls, you name it ) and their going to be featured on a collection of clothing ranging from T-shirts, cute crop-tops, skirts and a long sleeve shirt/light sweater. 

I modeled the prototypes for her, with the very talented Sean McCormack, behind the camera, a photographer I have been lucky enough to have collaborated with a few times before. I absolutely loved the concept of the shoot, it was very edgy, almost sci-fi themed, with avant garde makeup and simple straight hair. My favourite types of shoots are always ones where the brief is a bit wacky, its so much more fun than ones where you have to just stand there and try to look pretty. (emphasis on try there!) Here are some of the snaps we took on location:

Blue lips, mad eyebrows, and some face crystals ~ Love it :)

Here's myself, Michelle and Sean having a laugh together after the shoot. We made a good team!

I also wanted to show you guys my nails from the shoot, aren't they wicked? They were made specially by Dolly Nails, I loved them! They arrived really long so I was able to shape them really pointed for the shoot. Given that its a really impractical shape to wear everyday, I have since filed them down to a reasonable size :)

The first photo at the top is one of the finished shots, I'm really happy with it, What do you guys think? I'll post up the rest as soon as I get my hands on them! 

 Wild Child, 



Here are some snaps from a shoot I did with my wonderful friend Emma, and fellow blogger Byron Yeates. Byron was responsible for styling and photography, he wanted a rather grungy, understated vibe. His blog is really cool if you wanna check it out!

 I absolutely love doing these types of photoshoots with my friends, its such a laugh, and its always nice to do something creative. Emma, Byron and I all live together, and are such good buddies, we had so much fun playing around with this one, as you can see from the photos! I really like the overall vibe of the finished shots. What do you guys think? Do you ever get up to any impromptu little shoots like these, I'd love to see them!


Modeling in the Movember Shoot!

Hi Guys! As promised, here are the finished shots from the Movember Shoot I was in recently. It was so much fun shooting with a group of people for a change (especially the lovely boys!) and everyone involved was really happy with the results.

Photography by Peter Fedrizzi
Art Director/Stylist : Sarah Oneill
Assisted by : Ailbhe McMahon
Garments by : Public Romance
Hair : Danica Mareko Momento Hairdressing
Make up : Julianne Hennelly
Models: Tanith Mcgrath, Eoin Reilly, Joe Lydon, Emmett Hughes, Ciara O"Doherty & Keiran Conroy

 Hope you like guys!



Hairspray Extensions

So as you can probably see my dear readers, I've gone and popped my hair-extension cherry..... and I must admit I've got the weave fever. I wont be wearing them every day now (erm- effort!) but for shoots and special occasions, this clip-in set is just divine. The lovely ladies at Hairspray Ireland were extremely helpful, and Im delighted with the results. I was so eager to shoot with them when, that myself and byron just had to have a little mess around with his camera... What do you guys think?
 In other news, I've been rather busy lately with modeling work! I had the pleasure of shooting for Movember Ireland last week, a fantastic organisation & cause, along with the wonderful Tanith, and a few mustache-clad hunks... (its a tough job, but someone's gotta do it eh?) Haven't gotten the photos back to show you guys yet, but stay tuned, I'll throw them up as soon as I get my grubby mitts on them :D
 Took a wee trip up to Dublin on Tuesday (which included having to get up at the ungodly hour of SIX) to shoot with the very talented Gerry Mooney for a very exciting feature that the Sunday Independent will be running on me in the coming weeks.... Seriously pinching myself every time I say that... What is my life these days?!
Anyhow, Next up was a press shoot on Wednesday for the Vintage Frock & Crock Sale, a great christmas event thats coming up in Galway, which I will be posting more on soon!
Here's one of the shots that was in The Galway Advertiser Today:

Makeup was done by the lovely Makeup by Flora, Headpiece supplied by Hats of Oliver, and vintage dress was Cotton Face Vintage, both of which will be selling their wares at the Frock & Crock Sale! And there's more news to come yet my darlings, but lets leave that for another blog post shall we, I'm sure you've had enough of my ramblings for one evening.


Modeling for the Pretty Polly F-Store

Here are some photos myself and Saibh took on the NUIG college campus for the Pretty Polly F-Store. The weather was seriously grim, even by Ireland's standards! With the wind wreaking havoc and the light fading fast, we had to resort to ninja-like tactics to get the final shots.... including changing behind Saibh's car, and coming dangerously close to exposing myself to some lecturers... ah the joys of modeling... haha :) Check out all the other awesome tights on the Pretty Polly facebook page here!

Hope everyones keeping themselves wrapped up and cosy!


Feline Fatale Poster & Finished Shots...

I thought I'd share with you guys the final shots and finished poster for Galway Cat Rescue Fashion show, what do you guys think? I loved the edgy makeup and hair! Not to mention the clothes are divine, they're an amazing Irish label Harlow and Harvey.


Harlow & Harvey

Did some modeling at the press call for launch of the "GTI Fashion Fiesta". My friends and I showcased our friend Sarah's clothing line Harlow & Harvey... had such a blast, throwing shapes and whatnot, hee hee.... Sarah is so talented.... check out her sick designs... also brand new collection on the way so this cat is definitely one to watch...



p.s: I'm the one in the pink ;)