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My Week in Pictures ~ WildChild Photo Diary

 This weeks installent of "My Week in Pictures"... Hope you guys like!

 I snapped up this amazing faux-fur stole from the Asos sale, It was only €6 ~ so cosy!

 I finally was able to purchase a new laptop, a MacBookPro ~ Im beyond happy! I cant wait to get going with some new projects that my poor 5-year old Macbook just wasn't up to.

Yos and I on one of our cosy nights in. Robes, movies and popcorn ~ Heaven!

 My wonderful friend Emma who is away living in France came home for a visit ~ it's so nice to see her again!

Trying on my friend Liza's AMAZING sheepskin coat, I felt like I was Penny Lane from Almost Famous :D

 My new shirt from The Silver Factory arrived, I love it!

 I went for dinner with some friends in Kai, and it was the first time ever I couldn't finish my steak, so much meat! It was amazing though :)

 Photobooth fun in the Roisin Dubh with Emma and Pierce :)

My sister Karen's amazing tropical fishtank, complete with mini Buddah!

A snippet from last weeks outfit post

 The nicest breakfast :)

I've been embracing all things faux-fur to help keep the chills at bay, it really is so snug!

You can see all these snaps and more if you follow me on Instagram here.

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INTERVIEW ~ Q&A with Erika Fox, Fashion Stylist and Blogger

This week tacking the "Wild Child Files" Q&A we have the wonderful Erika Fox, 21 year old fashion stylist and blogger at
Just back form a whirlwind 3 months in New York, Erika spent her time  in the city pursuing her ambitions through interning with FoundFuture and Whitney Eve, the clothing line of none other than Whitney Port!
Erika's energy is infectious, and followers of her blog (such as myself) have watched her go from strength to strength in the past few months. She is the perfect example of how sheer drive and determination will always get you where you want to be, which is why she's a prefect candidate for my "Wild Child Files" feature. I strongly suggest you check her blog Retro Flame out, after you read her Q&A of course.... :)

NAME:  Erika Fox
OCCUPATION: Fashion Stylist & Blogger
FAVOURITE FOOD/MEAL:  Spaghetti -I will literally eat it with anything. Also, I must say that I wouldn't be able to survive without ketchup & chilli sauce.
FAVORITE PERK OF MY JOB: It allows me to meet some very interesting people, it means that a lot of time I get to work for myself & I love the fact that it keeps me on my toes.
FRIENDS TELL ME I'M: Hardworking, always busy & very hard to buy presents for!
MY PROUDEST MOMENT TO DATE: Getting the chance to Intern with Whitney Port during New York Fashion Week -an opportunity like that is going to be very difficult to top.
LAST DREAM I HAD: It was a very weird one actually -I dreamt that I accidentally drove off a cliff when I was driving from Kerry to Galway! I really hope that doesn't come true any time soon.
MY GUILTY PLEASURE: Gossip Girl -I am VERY excited for the final season starting this week.
CANT STOP LISTENING TO: Little Talks -Of Monsters and Men. I can't decide which of their voices I love the most.
MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE: Blue leopard print leggings with a denim skirt when I was about 13. It still horrifies me to look at the pictures.
CURRENTLY LUSTING AFTER: A green Kenzo Jumper & Alexander Wang black ankle boots.
PET PEEVE: People who don't say please & thank you. I despise rudeness!
BIGGEST SPLURGE/SPEND:  My Summer in NYC ....which was worth every single penny.
DREAM HOLIDAY/TRIP: It had always been a trip to New York. But now next on the list is a trip to Coachella festival in LA -my sister & I are already planning it for 2014.
WHERE I'LL BE IN 5 YEARS TIME: Fingers crossed, I'll be back in New York working in fashion.
HOW I WIND DOWN: Friday evenings at home in Kerry with my mom, sister & some nice food. Also, there's a lovely beach very near where I live in Kerry & a walk there always takes my mind of things.
MY MANTRA/SECRET TO SUCCESS:  The harder you work, the luckier you get...& ALWAYS chance your arm!
IF I WAS AN ANIMAL I'D BE: Ha a fox? No I think I'd like to be some kind of animal that is extremely rare.
MY CELEBRITY CRUSH (DEAD OR ALIVE!) : Chase Crawford -Nate from Gossip Girl. Perfection.
MY CURRENT DREAM/GOAL: I have a lot of these at any given time. But my main ones at the moment are to further develop my Blog, to gain some experience in a fashion magazine, to start up my own little business (keep an eye on my blog) & of course, to return to New York as soon as I can!
ADVICE TO MY 16 YEAR-OLD SELF: Choose your friends very carefully, don't be afraid of big decisions -everything happens for a reason, travel as much as you can, appreciate your family & keep believing that everything is going to turn out amazing!
WHO/WHAT INSPIRES ME : Mira Duma, Angela Scanlon & NYC.

With a keen eye for Vintage, Erika often incorporates it into her outfit choices.
You can stay updated on Erika's adventures through her blog, Retro Flame, and her Facebook page.
Be sure to tune in next week to see who's answering my questions next!

HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY ~ [CLOSED] WIN a pair of the SpiderWeb Slipper Flats from [CLOSED]

Hey guys!  I have a really great competition for you all! Its even Halloween-Themed!
Since I loved my own pair of Spider Flats so much (click here  to read post) the lovely people at have given me a pair of the red ones to giveaway on my blog! :) I've decided to make this competition a little bit different than my other ones, so Im running it via Bloglovin'. For anyone who doesnt use Bloglovin' ~ its by far the easiest way to stay updated on all your favourite blogs! Registering is easy and free, it only takes a second :) So all you have to do win these gorgeous shoes is: 
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Its that simple! I will run the competition for a week, and it will finish on Thursday 25th October. I will be checking all the entries so make sure you follow me on Bloglovin' or your entry wont count! This competition is open internationally too. 
  So get entering guys, and good luck! 

Real versus Steal: Charlotte Olympia-esque Slippers from Daisy Street!

 Slipper Pumps:

Hey guys! I don't have a full outfit post for you all today, but I just couldn't wait to show you these amazing new pumps I got from Daisy Street. They are exactly like the Charlotte Olympia Cobweb-style flats, which I think are extremely cute, (not so cute price-tag though!) so I was delighted when I found them on Daisy Street for a snip of the price! I don't know if you can see from the photos but they are a beautiful velvet finish, which I really like in slipper-style pumps! They are also really comfortable, which is always a plus for me ~ sometimes it's nice to take a break from heels :) Plus they're absolutely PERFECT for Halloween, which is just around the corner now! I wonder if I can work them into my costume somehow...... Hmm!!
I have picked up quite a few other really nice pieces from Daisy Street recently which I cant wait to show you all, I only discovered them not to long ago, and they are absolutely amazing! They stock some really incredible pieces, at great prices. Be sure to check them out here, you wont be disappointed! 


My week in Pictures // Photo Diary

As I said in last week's post, I am going to do my very best to keep up the "My week in Pictures// Photo Diary" posts a weekly occurrence, so here is this weeks instalment!

Last week myself and Yoseph celebrated our 3 year anniversary, Crazy! He's the absolute best, and Im very lucky to have him in my life, now enough of the mush...

 I love amazing flowers can make a room look, I wish I could have fresh ones in my house all the time! Le sigh...

I had the most delicious cured meat and cheese board in Rouge Restaurant recently, If you're in the general Galway area you gotta go there! So gooooood....

Im really digging the glitter over dark nail polish trend at the moment, here is one of my own attempts at it using a No.7 purple, with a Miss Sporty clear glitter over it. I think it turned out pretty neat!

 The lovely people at Ben & Jerry's Ireland send me this fun little package with a voucher for their new Core Ice Cream range (I've tried it already, its DIVINE) and some wicked shovel style spoons to dig into it with. HOW COOL?!?!?

I've started to get really excited for Halloween! What is everyone going as!?!? I still haven't decided yet! I watched one of my favourite Halloween movies yesterday, Hocus Pocus, which made me even more excited. If you haven't seen it, you must watch it before Halloween, its so good!

 I purchased the most beautiful dress from Motel Rocks last week, its the amazing Gabby Sequin Dress. I havent had a chance to wear it yet, but I can't wait to show you guys it on an outfit post, Its really is stunning!!!!

  **Also, for today only, the 20% Discount that I can offer my readers has been increased to a whopping 30%!!! Thats a pretty good saving, so if you have your eye on anything, grab it before today is over! Just use the code "WILDCHILDCIARA" at the checkout! :D**

I also received the most adorable Charlotte Olimpia-esque velvet slippers in the post today from Daisy Street Boutique, whom I'm a big fan of. I cant wait to style them into some proper looks, but for now here's a quick peak!

I picked up this "Scandaleyes" mascara from Rimmel in Boots today, its supposed to be a good dupe for Benefit's "They're Real" mascara, which is over 3 times the price!

Thats all for now folks,
Hope you enjoyed this wee photo diary, and hopefully I'll have more to show you next week!
P.s: If you want to see more photos like these, feel free to follow me on Instagram here!

INTERVIEW: Q&A with Sarah O' Neill ~ Irish Fashion Designer, Dj and Music Promoter

In this weeks installment of the "Wild Child Files" Interview series, we have the lovely Sarah O' Neill answering our quick-fire questions,  someone who I have been meaning to feature on this blog for a long time!

 Sarah is probably best known as designer of the amazing bespoke womenswear label "Harlow&Harvey", (I've had the pleasure of wearing her beautiful designs a few times before!) but more recently however, she is extending her creative abilities towards Irelands ever-expanding music scene, in the form of Djing, event organising and promoting. Sarah recently co-founded "NOTYOURGIRLFRIEND", which is a collective of sorts, and a mish-mash of music, live gigs, visual art, and lots of other fun things. Sarah is living proof that with enough determination (and cups of coffee) it is indeed possible for us gals to pursue and fulfill any creative desire we may have. So! Let's get to the questions....  
NAME: Sarah O'Neill, a.k.a. FolieÀDeux / NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND / Harlow&Harvey  
OCCUPATION: DJ,Music Writer, Promoter,Fashion Designer, Aspiring Everything! 
FAVOURITE FOOD/MEAL: Im a pretty crap cook, but if it comes out of my kitchen it will be vegetarian, red and spicy. I can only really make one thing and its called (rather creatively) - 'The Thing'. Sounds delicious, I know. 
FAVORITE PERK OF MY JOB: I love that creativity is at the core of everything I do. Between fashion, DJing & Promoting - I could end up doing a million and one things on any given day, thats pretty sweet. 
FRIENDS TELL ME I'M: 'Serene' - No really, someone said that to me once - I nearly died. I'm the furthest thing from serene you'll ever meet. My mates tell me I'll brave, passionate and adaptable. Thats true, I think. 
MY PROUDEST MOMENT TO DATE: I've made a few really f*****g hard decisions and moves in the last few years, and I'm pretty proud of the fact i did. I think one of the bravest things you can do it to change your life completely by following your gut, instead of your head. 
LAST DREAM I HAD: They're really weird these days - vivid, but I lose them so fast unless I write them down right away. In the last one, I was REALLY concerned that someone was trying to screw me out of the 'better' half of the cutlery I had stolen (I collect cutlery) - I woke up real stressed out about it. Random. 
MY GUILTY PLEASURE: Sundays. Ones where the outside world doesn't exist, and nothing can get to you. A four year fashion degree gives you an almighty guilt complex about ever taking time off from work, so those days where I can pretend there is nothing on the to-do lists are incredible. 
CANT STOP LISTENING TO:  Breton, KaraKara, Baauer, TNGHT, Monto, SertOne, Hudson Mohawke, Kele, Eatenbybears, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool,  Crosses, Funeral Suits, Reid, We Arrive Alive, Friend?, The Cast of Cheers…. I'm constantly adding to this list though, so ask me in a few weeks time it could be totally different. 
MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE: I'm almost positive I owned a see through backpack when I was like 12. I find that pretty hard to fathom, seeing as I was probably only able to transport well-chosen 'props' around in the thing. What do 12 yr olds carry around anyways? 
CURRENTLY LUSTING AFTER: Hahahaha, wouldn't give anyone the satisfaction of naming names ;) PET PEEVE: I seriously cannot BEAR negativity. Or messiness. Or lateness. Or people who don't return emails. ALSO, people who think the liking of cats AND dogs are mutually exclusive. But I'm very easygoing, really. ;) 
BIGGEST SPLURGE/SPEND: Recently ? Laser Eye Surgery. It was SO worth it, I should be in a commercial I rant about it so much, but seriously, €2000 for EYESIGHT. That's INCREDIBLE. 
DREAM HOLIDAY/TRIP: Berlin. Making that happen A.S.A.P. Really want to get back to Canada soon too ( I grew up there ), via San Francisco though. Anywhere warm would be good, rainy winters make me sad. 
WHERE I'LL BE IN 5 YEARS TIME: Happily, not a notion. 
HOW I WIND DOWN: There's this amazing website called the 'Thought Catalog'  - which is essentially a constantly updated collection of essays about anything and everything - mostly life and its constantly ridiculous and bizarre situations. I can get lost for hours in that. 
MY MANTRA/SECRET TO SUCCESS: Never be satisfied. Never be complacent. Its never enough. 
IF I WAS AN ANIMAL I'D BE: My cat Gizmo. Or a Giraffe - my mate Yoesph reckons 'if you're taller, you're more successful' - so I reckon they probably do OK. ;) 
MY CELEBRITY CRUSH (DEAD OR ALIVE!) : I don't really do the whole celebrity crush thing to be honest, maybe Jennifer Connelly in an I-want-to-be-you kinda way. I am a sucker for blue eyes though. 
MY CURRENT DREAM/GOAL: I always have about a million things I want accomplish at any given moment… 
ADVICE TO MY 16 YEAR-OLD SELF: Be nicer to your parents. They're amazing, and they'll always have your back. WHO/WHAT INSPIRES ME : My friends. They're generally unruly, creative whirlwinds with unending ambition. People for whom enough is NEVER enough. Thats me too.
To keep up with Sarah's adventures (she has many!) you can check out her Radio show, Folie Á Deux, her clothing line "Harlow & Harvey" and her Clubnight/Music Collective, NOTYOURGIRLFRIEND. She's also very friendly, so be sure to drop her a line if you have any questions. 
 Hope you enjoyed this weeks installment of "WildChild Files" and be sure to tune in the following week to see which go-getter will be answering out questions next!

Outfit Post ~ Featuring InLoveWithFashion and House of Holland!



These photos are another series from the House of Holland collaboration that I've been doing recently. I've been having alot of fun with it, especially since the new collection of tights are so fun and quirky. I wanted to go for a rather 70's vibe with these tights, so I teamed them with one my my more whimsical hats (I have a silly collection of them!). This dress is from InLoveWithFashion, an online store, and one of my firm favourites for quite some time now. I have a nice little collection of their dresses, and they are always perfect for making a statement and standing out. They're also extremely good value too, so be sure to check out their new arrivals section here, you wont be disappointed! :D
I also posted this look to Lookbook, so I'd really appreciate any Hypes and Loves you wanna send my way!

What do you think of this look? Feel free to let me know in the comment box below.
All photos taken by the amazing Julia Dunin Photography


Some shots from a recent photo shoot with Sean McCormack

Hey guys :) I certainly hope everyone is nice and cosy despite this absolutely horrible weather we're having at the moment. There is an actual storm going on in Galway right now, its crazy! I have to admit though, the near-apocalyptic weather we're having at the moment is making me feel a whole lot better about being curled up on the couch right now. I've been smothered with a headcold for the past few days, and its left me feeling pretty crummy. 

So Im sorry for not having a new outfit post, or new feature for you guys today, but I've been trying to rest up as much as I can, so instead I thought I'd share with you a few photos from a shoot I did recently. The photos were shot by Sean McCormack, a great Galway based photographer, you can check out his other work on his website here. We wanted the vibe of the shoot to be a bit grungy and a lot less polished than your usual shoot, a bit like the type of stuff Terry Richardson comes out with. Im really happy with how the shots came out, and we had a lot of fun getting it all together, as we always do!


Hope you guys like the shots, feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below.
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GIVEAWAY! Win a £50//€62 Voucher for Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery!!! CLOSED

All you all know, I wanted to hold a very special giveaway to thank you all for helping me reach 1,000 likes on my WildChild Stories Facebook page, (can I get a WOOP-WOOP, you guys are amazing!) and now I am delighted to announce that I have teamed up with the wonderful people at Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery to offer one lucky reader a whopping £50 // €62 Voucher to spend on their online shop!

Here at WildChild Stories, I like to make entering my giveaways as painless as possible, and as always entering this giveaway is REALLY simple.

All you have to do is follow the instructions on the widget below (its 100% safe and secure) and you're in! You can also enter multiple times, so be sure to check out the other entry options, they're all quick and easy!  

 Eclectic Eccentricity is a wonderful brand that Ive collaborated with before on a few outfit posts, and Im so happy to be working with them on this Giveaway, its a prize I'd really love to win myself! Check out their online shop here to have a look at all the goodies you could win!

Here I am wearing the Athena Leaf Crown above (see full outfit post here)and the Cleopatra Oversized Scarab Necklace Below (see full outfit post here) Just some of the pieces you could snap up with your voucher!

This Competition is open INTERNATIONALLY and closes on Thursday 11th October, 
So get entering~ 

 and Good luck!!!!



Outfit Post: InLoveWithFashion Dress & Pretty Polly Tights

"Head versus Heart"


Tights: House of Holland for Pretty Polly
Shoes: ASOS
Hat: Yoseph's 
Shrug: River Island

Hey guys! Time for another outfit post to to hopefully help brighten up your dreary Thursday. The weather is pretty crummy here in Ireland right now isn't it? Even though I must admit I am slightly excited at the prospect of diving into all my lovely Autumn/Winter clothes once again, so prepare for a lot more snug&cosy outfit posts in the near future! Anyhow, on to this outfit! This is from a series of outfit posts that I did for with the new A/W 12 House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights collection. PP were nice enough to send me a big box of their designs, before they were even available in the shops, to let me have a play around with them, and here is one of the results! I am wearing the "Reverse Star Print" style in this look, and I have decided to team it with one my favourite dresses, this lovely pink number from InLoveWithFashion. InLoveWithFashion is probably one of my favourite clothing brands right now, not only are they so quick to pick up on current trends, but they're such good value too! Visit their New Arrivals section here to see for yourself, I promise you wont be disappointed :) 

 I also posted this look to, so please feel free to give it a hype using the button below!

 Photos by the very talented Julia Dunin Photography