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Wild Child Updates: Internship with Fashion One

Firstly, Thank you all so much for your well-wishes and lovely messages regarding my moving to Dublin and signing the lease on my new house. I really appreciate it so much, you guys are the best!

I am settling in nicely, and very nearly finished all my unpacking and sorting! I just wanted to do a little update blog to reveal some exciting news to you all. I am officially an intern with the irish team of the international fashion channel, Fashion One Tv! 

I have presented for the channel twice before now (see here and here) but I am delighted to be officially part of the team at Empower Studio. My work with the channel will consist of writing and producing pieces for filming, along with heading to various fashion events to cover them for the channel. I am so excited to get more involved in the production and script-writing side of things, as its something I've always really enjoyed, and I hope to get a LOT done over the next few months with Fashion One.

As always, I will keep you guys updated on my adventures, and I have decided to do a little "Internship Diary" series, to keep you all in the loop on my projects. I'll be constantly on the lookout for new pieces to cover, so if you are involved in any sort of fashion related project (business, clothing line, event etc,) be sure to drop me a line (see my contact tab here) to let me know what you're doing, and I'll consider featuring you on the channel.

First on the agenda is the Persil Irish Fashion Awards, which Im covering for Fashion One tonight! I better go finish prepping and getting ready, be sure to keep an eye on my facebook, twitter, and Instagram (@WildChildCiara) for updates throughout the night, it should be lots of fun!

Wish me luck!


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London Fashion Week - Day 1 - Photos and Updates

 So I'm here in London for Fashion Week!!! This is going to have to be  a rather quick post today, as I have to run out the door again! Internet was being funny last night so I wasn't able to upload anything unfortunately, but here is a quick update of the situation for you all :) Myself and Byron landed safe and sound yesterday, and although we missed most of the first day, we decided to pop into Somerset House anyway to see what was going on! We met up with loads of the Irish bloggers, Tar Mar, Leanne Woodfull, Conor Clinch, Sarah & Jennie from WWIT, and a few others. It was so great to meet up with some familiar faces, some of the girls I had never even met properly before so it was really great to have coffees and chats. I had an absolute blast hanging out with them, and as per usual with LFW, there was some serious style (and celeb) spotting to be done! (Above Photo: Here's a quick snap of  some of the group of bloggers from Ireland, from left to right: Sarah & Jennie from WWIT, Myself, Byron Yeates, and Tar Mar!) Here's a quick snap of my Blogger pass for LFW, its so funny to see my details printed out on a card like that, I feel so official! It was a bit of a proud blogger moment I think!

 I also had the pleasure of meeting one of my idols, Laura Whitmore! Yes, as lame as it sounds, she is someone I really look up to, particularly from a career perspective, I just think she does her job so well, and I would aspire to someday be in the position she is! She was so nice and friendly though, and so easy to chat to. Its funny, as I have had the opportunity of meeting quite a few big names through my work with Fashion Week before, but she is the only person that I've met that made me a a bit jittery and nervous. (So lame, I know!) Check out the head on me, FanGirl or what like? I'm such a dork :D

Thats all my news for now really, as I arrived so late yesterday (and was horribly sleep deprived) I decided to take it easy on the videos and all that, but todays a new day! Im heading in now to do some street style spotting and catch some shows hopefully, and I'll be videoing my adventures so I'll see who I can grab for a chat! The House of Holland show is also later this evening, and I'm super excited about that! I'll try to update as much as I can via my Twitter and Instagram, so if you're not following me on those yet, get involved! I better go now, so wish me luck!


Working with GAF-TV: News, Photos, and Video

Oh it feels so good to be back blogging again, I certainly missed it!
As you guys know I had been working with the Galway Arts Festival's Tv crew "GAF-TV" for most of July, and I just thought I'd tell you guys a little bit more about that, and show you some of the finished videos we worked on.

 Working with GAF-TV was an amazing experience, I met some really wonderful people, and I learned so so much in such a short space of time. It was a completely different experience to working with Diet Coke Tv, as I was working behind the camera, rather that in front of it presenting, but it was so interesting and challenging nonetheless. The main piece I was working on over the two weeks was the "Thank You & Goodnight" video, which was to be the finale of all the GAF-TV videos, and aired at the end of the festival. The idea behind the video was to get as many people as possible dancing on camera, and to get people from all over Galway, from all walks of life, different ages, backgrounds, occupations and so on, to do a little bit of a boogie to Chic's "Everybody Dance". (Chic are a massive disco/funk band from the 70/80's and were the headlining act of the festival- they're amazing!) My job in particular was to get reactions out of people, get them pumped up and ready to be on camera, and make sure they give enough energy when they're being filmed, and of course, get them dancing! You need a serious amount of energy to do this over and over for a long time, and if your energy flags when you're dealing with people, they wont give you as much on camera. Its also really important to make people feel comfortable on camera, which so many people are not, to show them that there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I ended up dancing just as much as they people we were filming, only behind the camera! Doing this kind of work only convinces me further that this is what I should be doing, this is the path I should follow :) 

There was a huge amount of work put in by everyone involved in GAFT-TV, resulting in so many amazing videos being made and aired throughout the whole festival. Check out the GAF-TV Youtube page to see some of their amazing work. 

  One of my other highlights of the whole festival was going to see Chic play at the big-top with my sisters and mother, and getting to dance onstage with my sisters! (Mum was side-stage, but wouldn't come dance with us unfortunately :P) It was such a fun experience, we danced out buts off,  and we got to meet Neil Rodgers afterwards and chatted to him for a while. He was such a gentleman, and a true musical legend!


Diet Coke Tour Bus Event ~ More Photos and Video!

Good news for all you Galway gals, the Diet Coke & JPG Tour Bus is coming to Galway tomorrow! You heard all my gossip from Wednesdays Press Launch (click here to read) and now's your chance to get in on the action yourself! The bus will be in Eyre Square Galway tomorrow so be sure to get down and indulge in all the pampering and goodies the Diet Coke and Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration has to offer! Check out the video we made from Wednesdays event, hope you like!


Here are some more snaps from the day:


Hope you like!

Diet Coke Jean Paul Gaultier Press Party // New Tour Bus launched!

Sue of and James from Thinkhouse

and finally, The Diet Coke presenting team!! There's Sue from SoSueMe, myself, Katrina from SugahFix and Sarah from The Licentiate

I had the pleasure of attending the Diet Coke & Jean Paul Gaultier Press Party in Thinkhouse last night, to celebrate the launch of the new Diet Coke Tour Bus! The bus will be touring around Ireland in the next few months, to offer Diet Coke fans some pampering, fun, and free goodies which we all got to preview yesterday evening. So keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming events in your area! The bus itself is absolutely amazing, and we were treated to champagne and delicious nibbles, nail art, temporary tattoos, and of course all the Diet Coke we could sip! I had such a wonderful time, its always great to get the chance to hang out with my amazing fellow blogger buddies, not to mention meeting some new faces! There will also be a video of the night which Im featured in, along with all the other Diet Coke presenters, so I'll post that up once I get my hands on it! Here are some of the snaps I took on the night, hope you enjoy! You can see more by checking out my facebook page, and the Diet Coke facebook page  and keep an eye out for those upcoming tour bus events in your area!   


WATCH: Diet Coke Tv at the IDC Fashion Show Video!

I'm so happy to be able to show you the latest video I've done with Diet Coke Tv, this time I'm reporting at the International Design Collective Fashion Show at the Volvo Ocean Race Galway. I had such a blast on the night, you can read all about the night itself by clicking here. I'm so happy with how the video turned out, I think I'm slowly but surely getting better at the whole presenting thing, its just so much fun!


Hope you all like the video, I'd love to hear your thoughts, let me know in the comment box below. xxx 


Presenting at the Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Show!

Just a quick outfit post to show you all what I wore to do some presenting at a wonderful fashion show that was on in Kelly's last night. It was Galway's first ever Sustainable and Ethical fashion show, and showcased the designs of some boutiques in Galway that offer these types of clothes. The clothes themselves were spectacular, and I had an absolute blast presenting the show and getting to introduce all the shops and designers. Being on stage by myself with a microphone for the whole show left me a bit nervous (as you can imagine!) but I had no choice but to shove my nerves aside and get on with the show! Thankfully it went off without a hitch, and pretty soon I was relaxed and having so much fun with it. Especially the part where I got to announce the raffle winners, I just love raffles! All in all the event was a big success for everyone involved, and despite my initial nerves, I loved it! Doing live presenting jobs like this is such good presenting experience for me, because there are no re-takes or do-overs, you have to get it right the first time, and if you do make a mistake, you just have to roll with it!
Now, on to what I was wearing! One of the amazing Boutiques that were showcasing their designs on the night, Sirona Boutique (check out their facebook page here) decided to lend me a dress for the night. I absolutely loved it, the colour was spectacular, I was so sad to give it back! The dress is by designer Camilla Norrback and is 100% ethical and sustainable, and the fabric is made from -wait for it- wood pulp! Could you imagine! Needless to say it was so soft and comfortable, I would never have guess it used to be a tree! Haha!

Hope you enjoyed this little post!


WATCH: Fashion Innovation Awards Video- Presenting for Diet Coke Tv!

Here is the finished video from the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards, which I reported at for Diet Coke Tv!!!
I hope you guys enjoy it, I'm pretty happy with it, considering its only my 3rd ever presenting on camera, so I think I'm starting to get a bit less nervous, and a bit more comfortable in what I'm doing. I still have a long way to go though, but I'm loving every minute of the experience, Im learning so much every time! I had such a blast chatting to all the amazing designers! If you want to know a bit more about the event, and see some more photos of my  amazing dress, just click here!
Hope you like guys, and let me know what you think in the comment box below!


Presenting at the IFAS & What I Wore.

 I thought I would share with you some photos that were taken at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards last Thursday by DarachPhotography. As you guys know, I was there presenting with Diet Coke Tv, and boy did I have a good time! I got to meet some wonderful people, and although I was a bit nervous at times, I can honestly say I loved every minute! Unfortunately the finished video is not ready yet but sit tight guys, I'll show you it as soon as I can!
I was so happy with the dress that I wore on the night, its by designer Rachel Gilbert, and is available to hire from the lovely ladies in Daisy Boutique, Galway. I wouldnt usually go for something this sparkly, but as soon as I tried it on I felt like a million dollars! Check them out if you are in need of something extra-special, they are just fantastic in there!
I wanted to keep the rest of the look very simple, as I wanted to let the dress do all the talking, so I teamed it with my plain black Topshop heels, and some plain dimante stud earrings. My hair was done in a simple chic bun style (you can really never go wrong with a chic bun can you?!) and was styled by the lovely Cathy Smith.
So what do you guys think? Hit or Miss? I was really happy with the overall look,  but I guess we'll know for sure when we see it on camera eh?! Gulp!

Here is a snap  of my wonderful family (minus Dad of course) who came along to the awards, they all really enjoyed it, especially the goodie bags that were on offer!
Karen, Briona, Myself, Mum, and Claire.


Diet Coke "Get Glam" Event ~ Finished Video & Photos!

Hey Guys! I'm so happy to finally be able to show you all the video form the Diet Coke & Benefit Cosmetics "Get Glam" event in Galway! It was so much fun working with the rest of the Diet Coke crew, they're all absolutely lovely. I'm really enjoying getting to do more presenting work, the event itself was fantastic, with makeovers galore, and lots of makeup tips and tricks to be shared.
Here are some of the photos, taken by the wonderful Conor Cinch.



Pictured below are two of my wonderful sisters, Karen and Claire, who popped in to say hello!

So there you have it guys, I hope you like it, do let me know what you think in the comment box below, I'd really love to hear  your thoughts! I cannot wait to do some more work with Diet Coke Tv, and thankfully we have a few things lined up in the next few months, I wont say what they are now, but trust me, its gonna be good :)
Thanks for reading (and watching!)


"Get Glam" Benefit Event ~ Presenting for DietCoke Tv!

So the Diet Coke and Benefit "Get Glam" event was on yesterday in the Corrib Shopping Centre, and it was so much fun!
I really had such a blast, I got to meet some wonderful people, the Thinkhouse/Diet Coke team are fantastic, and I absolutely LOVED the presenting parts. Although I am still learning so much, its something I find I really enjoy doing. I really cant wait to see the footage, and show you guys, I hope I did a good job!



Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of the event I took myself, but I'll have more/better photos up soon
IMG_0634 IMG_0635 IMG_0636


The lovely ladies at Benefit did my makeup for the event, there was one of three looks to choose from; Fashionista, Rock Chick and Romantic. They decided to pick the romantic look for me and I absolutely loved it, especially how fresh faced it was! What do you guys think?


Here is a close-up of my new collar-tipped shirt, a current love of mine! The shirt is from Penneys, but I made the collar tips myself, (DIY tutorial coming soon) :)
The scarf is another current favourite, I really like the pastel colours, and the print is wicked! I picked it up in River Island with the vouchers they gave me on my press trip.


After the event I met up with some good friends that I never get to see anymore (its crazy how life in general just seems to get in the way!) and we went out for cocktails and dinner (with lots of wine) and then out to a club for some dancing :D


It was such a nice finish to a perfect day, Its so great getting to spend time with old friends.

IMG_0648 IMG_0656