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Outfit Post: Fresh off the Runway

Jumper : Queens Wardrobe // Skirt : eBay // Hat : Topshop // Boots : Jeffrey Campbell

This is my first outfit post since moving back to blogger (read more about that here) so I thought I'd better make it a good one! How beautiful is this jumper from Queens Wardrobe? I wouldn't usually pick up something this colourful and girly, but I just thought this was the cutest thing ever! The print reminds me of the uh-mazing embellished Balmain jackets that were showcased a few seasons ago, and also super soft and comfy, which is always a plus! :) Im also wearing a skirt that I picked up for super-cheap on eBay, I had really wanted to jump on the pleated-leather-skirt bandwagon, as they always look fantastic on people, and they seem like a really versatile piece in your wardrobe! I am already planning all the outfits Im going to style with it  ~ lame much?!

I have to dash off now Im afraid, I'm in the middle of running a bath for myself to ease my poor tired muscles, I've been hitting the fittness classes like a fiend this week with my sisters, and Im worn out!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, 

Peace & Love,

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Outfit Post: Happy Halloween from WildChild Stories!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Jumper : InLoveWithFashion // Shorts : H&M // Shoes : eBay // Hat : eBay // Cuff : eBay

Here is a quick outfit post that I shot with the wonderful photographer, and fellow blogger Jesse May Fisher. I think the weather is getting a wee bit too cold for outfits like this, as you can see from the goosebumps on my skin in the photo above! I know I wear this Love jumper in so many outfit posts, but I just cant help it, Its a firm favourite of mine. InLoveWithFashion never fails to impress me. Check out their New Arrivals section here to see what delights they have at the moment! Also, I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween! Since I went out and dressed up on Saturday night,  I'll be spending tonight with my three sisters watching a heap of scary movies, I cant wait :) xx Ciara

Halloween // Fancy Dress Outfit Post ~ What I dressed up as!

 I had my first Halloween outing over the weekend so I thought you guys might like to see what I dressed up as! I had no time to take proper photos so apologies for these rather crummy iPhone snaps! Since my real costume is planned for Wednesday night (Halloween night) I had to pull something together for Saturday, as I was heading out to celebrate my good friend Emily's birthday. I decided to dress as a superhero as not only is it an extremely and inexpensive costume to put together, but I absolutely LOVE superheroes too, and have done since I was a kid! 

As you can see Im still having a love-affair with my new Motel Rocks Gabby Sequin dress, and it really was the perfect addition to this costume. I also picked up some cool silvery material from Hickeys (my local habberdashery) for a few euro, and threw on a wig I had bought in Penneys a while ago. (I'm pretty sure they're still stocking wigs so get your but in there if you need some for Halloween!) I also decided to pick up matching silver cuffs in Penneys to complete the look.  When I was up in my room searching for the perfect pair of tights to wear, I stumbled across this old mask of mine, which was an absolute jackpot, as It finished the costume of perfectly! Just in case anyone's wondering, I choose "Lady Sparkle" as my Superhero name, and my special power was Telekinesis, (ie the power to move things with your mind) and my secret weapon was my silver Invisibility Cloak! 

 I had an absolute blast, and I was so happy with how my last minute costume turned out ~I love Halloween!!! I'll be dressing up again on Friday, so I'll fill you guys in on that when I get the chance, and I'll try to take some better photos too! :) 

I hope everyone is enjoying the Halloween festivities, I'd really love to know what everyone else is dressing up as, feel free to let me know in the comment box below! 

  Oh and don't forget, if you want to snap up my beautiful Gabby Sequin Dress at a major 30% off, or anything else from Motel Rocks at 30% off, I have can offer my readers a special discount code up until Halloween (the 31st)! Just follow the link here and enter the code "WILDCHILDCIARA" at the checkout! Simples! :D

Thats all for now folks, stay tuned for Wednesdays costume ~ it's gonna be good! xxx Ciara   Ps: Here is a photo of my boyfriend Yoseph's costume, he went as Millhouse!  I had such a laugh helping him get ready, I got covered in yellow face-paint!



Custom-made phone cover from Fionnuala Bourke Designs.

Most people that know me, are aware that Im very succeptible to a little dose of tack now and again. I love glitter, I love crystals, I love bright colours, and I love Unicorns. So when I saw some the phone covers that Fionnuala Bourke has been designing recently, I was completely sold. Fionnuala found success in the realm of fashion design, and more recently has begun to branch out into costomisation projects, with iPhone and iPad covers being her most popular requests. With a vast range of the delightful little trinkets to choose from, the extremely talented Fionnuala will use industrial strength glue and a few handy tools to lovingly design your own one-of-a-kind phone cover, using your choice of pieces and lettering. 

 Having found it extremely difficult to decide exactly what kind of look I wanted, (there really is SO much to choose from) I decided to go for a little bit of everything, and boy did Miss Bourke let her imagination run wild! She combined a healthy smattering of crystals with a fantastic pink "goo" effect that drips over the sides of the phone. (and serves as a handy grip, i'll have you know) She also incorporated skulls, studs, music notes, My Little Ponies (WIN!) and some other delightful bits and pieces. My favourite part about the cover has to be the lettering though,  it says "Wild Child" on the bottom in gold lettering :D It really is perfect! 

 Fionnuala has a wonderful selection of pre-made phone covers, as well as  fantastic price range of customising options to suit every budget. Be sure to check out her Facebook page to see all of her other amazing designs, and some of the custom pieces she has created for some big Irish names and celebrities. I guarantee you, it's a whole lotta eye candy. 


~ 30% Discount Code for Motel Rocks ~ for all WildChild Stories Readers!

 dress : MotelRocks

So MotelRocks have just informed me that the week before Halloween my usual 20% Discount that I can proudly offer my dear readers will be increased to a whopping 30%! 

All you have to do is follow the link here and use the code "WILDCHILDCIARA" at the checkout. They really have some amazing pieces in stock at the moment, and I have to say I have been unashamedly using my own discount willy-nilly! I recently bought the Gabby Sequin Dress in Green (first dress on the right there) and I CANNOT WAIT to show it to you guys in an outfit post, its seriously stunning, the sequins give amazing sparkle! Just remember guys, the code only works up until Halloween, then it reverts back to the regular 20%. Check out their new arrivals section here to see what other tasty bits and pieces they have in stock :)

So go forth my dear readers ~ use it /abuse it, and happy shopping! :D


Outfit Post ~ "Perfectly Spooky"


Studded Jacket: // Jumper: H&M // Shorts: H&M  // Tights: Pretty Polly
// Bag: Ebay // Slipper Flats: // Bowler Hat :

OK so I know I'm wearing a lot of Black in this outfit, but it is nearly Halloween after all! Im getting seriously excited, and I cant wait to dress up ad have some fun :D Im in love with my new studded jacket from, the studded shoulders are just the perfect amount of edge, not to mention It's lovely and warm too :) They still have it in stock in their shop but its such good value that I imagine it will sell out soon, so snap it up quick here of you like it! 

My adorable slippers are also from DaisyStreet,  (can you tell Im a little bit obsessed with them?!) which you may have spotted previously in this post. They are super comfy and perfect for Halloween, you can get them here! My bowler hat is recently acquired from the lovely people at, an amazing new Vintage online shop, you can check them out here. If you don't have a bowler hat already, I strongly suggest getting one, they go with everything, and will hide a bar hair day fantastically! I also uploaded this look to Lookbook too, so if you would like to give it a Hype, feel free!  
   *Hope you guys like this outfit post, and don't forget you can still enter my competition to WIN a pair of your very own Spider Slipper Flats from DaisyStreet, Just click here! and hurry, the competition closes TOMORROW!  *

Outfit Post ~ This Side of the Blue

  Dress: New Look
Tights : House of Holland for Pretty Polly
Shoes & Blazer: Borrowed off Julia (the photographer!)
Hairband: Topshop
Photos: Julia Dunin

I am slowly but surely working my way through all the lovely photos from the House of Holland for Pretty Polly Lookbook that I wanted to show you guys. This outfit was one of my favourites, even if the tights are a little on the crazy side, I still love the overall colour palette :D I also really like the photo at the top, Julia is an amazing photographer! I also posted this look to Lookbook, so feel free to Hype and Love if you like :P

PS: If you havent entered my DaisyStreet Giveaway yet, you can do so here. You can win a pair of lovely shoesies!



Outfit Post: "I'll be your Mirror"

 Dress: H&M // Hat : eBay // Cuff: ASOS // Collar Necklace: Penneys/Primark // Earrings:H&M // Tights : House of Holland for Pretty Polly // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

I am slowly but surely making my way through the House of Holland for Pretty Polly Lookbook, I have so many photos to show you guys! This is one of my favourite outfits from the bunch, Its a little "out-there" with the bright printed tights and all, but thats exactly why I like it so much. It kinda reminds me of something a fashion-concsious clown would wear, haha! In other news, I recently bought myself a new laptop!!! I'm so excited, as the one I had been using was over FIVE YEARS OLD, and it was really starting to slow down. I had been saving for a while so I was able to splash out and get myself a MacBook Pro, its the most beautiful thing ever! Its so fast and slick and pretty :) Having a proper working laptop means I can get back into making and editing videos again, aswel as some other fun projects that Ive been dying to get started on, so there will hopefully be a lot happening on the blog in the next few weeks/months! Yay :) I've also started to use my bloglovin' account a lot more, so if you use it, you can follow me here. I've also posted this up on Lookbook so If you would like to give me some Hypes and Love, feel free! :D

 Photos by Julia Dunin Photograhy 


Outfit of The Day: The Girl in White // Featuring Eclectic Eccentricity


Hey guys! I just returned from the most amazing roadtrip to Doolin with my sisters and two of my friends, we took a ferry out to see the Cliffs of Moher and we swam off the pier with a WILD dolphin! It was so friendly, you could swim up and touch it, and it loved us! It was such an amazing experience. These photos were shot a few days ago, but I only had the chance to upload them now. This lovely little headpiece is from Eclectic Eccentricity, which you might remember is the same place my last piece of jewellery was from (click here to read last outfit post). I really love how delicate and ethereal-looking this piece is, it makes me feel like an Elve or a Princess when  I put it on, which is NEVER a bad thing :) Whilst not one of the most practical pieces you'll have in your jewellery box, I still think head chains are absolutely stunning, and a must for anyone who likes to inject a little bit of whimsy into their outfits! As I said in my last outfit post about Eclectic Eccentricity, they have some really unique and quirky pieces in there, so if you like this, I recommend checking them out to see what else the have. Click here to see their website. 
 Thats all for now guys, 

~NAIL ART GIVEAWAY~ Win a Pair of Dazie Nails of Your Choice! CLOSED

As I mentioned in my last post about going to Electric Picnic (YAY) I'll be holding a series of fun Giveaway's over the next few weeks on WildChildStories, as a way of saying thanks to you guys for all your support so far. Today I'm going to be holding a giveaway in association with the wonderful Dazie Jewellery, in which one lucky winner will get to choose a set of Painted Dazie Nails of their choice!

  What You'll Win: As you may have seen in one of my recent posts, I reviewed a set of gorgeous designed nails that I got from Dazie Jewelley, (click here to read) and loads of you really liked them, so I thought I'd give you guys the chance to win a set of your very own. Here are some of the designs you can choose from, but feel free to check out Dazie's facebook albums to see loads more designs!


These are the set I reviewed recently (read here)

How to enter: Entering the competition is easy-peasy. Just use this simple (and very safe) plugin you see here, and it will do it for you. All you need to do is be a fan of my facebook page, but you can also have multiple entries by following me on twitter, tweeting your entry,and so on. a Rafflecopter giveaway   The competition will close on Friday the 31st of August, and I will announce the lucky winner that day. 

  So get entering guys, and Good Luck!! 



Exciting Announcement! ~ Electric Picnic

Hey guys! As some of you may have seen on my facebook page, I had some exciting news to share with you all...

 ...WildChild Stories packing up its wellies and heading to Electric Picnic!!!!

 You heard me right, I've been asked to cover the festival this year for WildChild Stories!!! I've been given two free tickets to the festival, press passes, expenses paid and what's called a "Fashion Kit" which consists of quilted Hunter Wellies, Liberty Sunglasses, Topshop makeup, and lots of other fashion goodies!! I'll be working alongside Alpro, (which is a Soy product brand). The company have worked with many festivals in the UK before, and after deciding to do their first collaboration with an Irish festival, Electric Picnic, they contacted me saying that they thought I would be perfect for the job. I was gobsmacked, especially considering how many amazing Irish fashion bloggers there are out there, and they would choose me for something like this? (Maybe the "WildChild" blog name makes me come across as a bit of a party animal eh? haha :D)

 The festival is this weekend coming, and I am SO EXCITED. The line up is uh-mazing, (The Cure, anyone?!?!) and as well as working with Alpro on some fun projects, i'll also be interviewing some bands and artists (YAY!) I'll be updating from my facebook, twitter, instagram, and of course my blog, and  I'll also be posting the odd youtube video if I can! So be sure to tune in to stay updated on all the antics, which Im sure there will be loads of :)

 It feels so encouraging to be given an opportunity like this, but I know in my heart that it would not be happening without YOU guys, my lovely readers. All of you who follow and read my blog, or support my projects in any way- you guys are amazing, and I only hope I can keep you coming back again and again. To say a big THANK YOU to you all, I'll be holding a series of giveaways in the next few weeks on WildChildStories, the first of which I will be starting tomorrow, so stay tuned to find out what it is!

Thats all for now guys, 
Big Love, 

Outfit of the Day ~ "Eclectic Eccentricity"


Hey guys, just a quick outfit of the day for you all, I'm so happy to finally be getting back into outfit posts! I just love them,  although the can be difficult to do sometimes as they require good weather (which is a near mythical thing here in Ireland) and a willing participant to take your photo. These shots were taken by the lovely Tanith, whom I spent a wonderful day with yesterday, making plans and eating pies :D Tanith runs the fabulous blog "Rough Dreams and Ice Creams" which is definitely worth a look! The gorgeous Torque / Collar style necklase Im wearing in these photos is from a lovely little online shop called Eclectic Eccentricity (bit of a tongue twister no? :P) and it's my newest obsession. I love all things Egyptian inspired, and as a child, I used to read anything I could find on mummification (it really is so interesting!) and I was fascinated by the mystery and mythology surrounding the Pyramids, and the ancient Egyptians themselves. I even had Egyptian Lego to play with! :D Anyhow, when browsing the website, this particular piece caught my eye, because of its dramatic shape and cut, and of course the amazing scarab beetle on the front. The necklace has a long-ish chain and can be worn lower on your neck, but for this particular look I preferred it higher up. I think its perfect for adding an element of drama to any outfit! I have a few more pieces from this collection to show you guys, but In the meantime you can check out Eclectic Eccentricity on facebook to see more delightful treasures!  

I've also uploaded this look to Lookbook and would love some hypes or love! :) Thats all for now folks, Hope you like this outfit, Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below! xxx