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January Wishlist

Now that January is nearly over, it's time to get excited about Spring! The thought of (slightly) warmer days and more sunshine has me so excited, one of the reasons being that its been pretty much impossible to shoot any outfit posts over the last two months! So as you can imagine, Im dying for a little more sunshine in my life! My thoughts of Spring has me loving all things pastel at the minute, and I'm finding myself daydreaming about candy-coloured hues and soft cotton textures while the weather rages outside my window. View and shop my wishlist below:  

Above are some of the pieces I've been lusting after this month, there's a lot of pastel in there! I feel like I've been wearing so many dark colours lately, and incorporating some pastel in to my wardrobe will be a welcome change. I've also included some fun accessories to give the pastel looks a little punch, including this utterly adorable Olympia Le-Tan lookalike milk-carton bag (which is an absolute steal over on Romweas well as these beautiful metallic ASOS pumps, and some cute sunglasses to complete the look, and shield my peepers from the Spring sunshine of course!

I've also included some beauty picks in my wishlist for the first time, as beauty is something I'm trying to incorporate into my blog more this year. I've been on the hunt for a new foundation for a few weeks now, and so many of you have recommend Estée Lauder's double wear to me, I'm excited to try it out for myself! I'm also lusting after some gorgeous lipsticks from the YSL range, I'm a complete sucker for that beautiful packaging!

PVC is set be big for SS'14, and it's a trend that I have completely fallen in love with. I recently purchased a baby pink pvc pencil skirt from Missguided (see outfit post here) and I am so pleased with that one, that I'm seriously tempted to invest in the powder blue shade too, isn't it just the cutest?! This ASOS trumpet-hem skirt is a little bit pricer, but it would be the perfect statement piece for a Spring wedding, or any other formal occasion for that matter!

Over all I think this is a pretty solid wishlist to start 2014 with, and I will be picking up some of the above pieces to help take my wardrobe into the new season... roll on payday!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Wish List #5 ~ Birthday Jewellery

Im so excited for July to be here. Firstly, I have a feature in this months issue of Stellar Magazine, which I absolutely cannot wait to see and share with you guys (you may have gotten a sneak peak of it here) and also, and secondly ~ it's my Birthday month! My Birthday is on the 7th of July, and I thought It might be fun to do a birthday wish list, I have seen many other bloggers do it before and I think its quite fun!

As you can see, this birthday wish list is jewellery-themed, as Its something I have been thinking about recently. I don't really own much expensive or "special" jewellery, it's mostly trinket and costume jewellery, which is bought relatively cheaply, but can (and often does) tarnish or break over time. Lately I've been dreaming about investment pieces, and spending that bit more to get a piece that will last you a long time. Ideally I would be skipping over to Cartier and Tiffany's to spend to my hearts content, but that's would be overstating my mark (and account balance) somewhat!

So I have chosen a few pieces that are expensive yet affordable, that I would love to be owning sometime in the near future, and that will take me from season to season with class and style.

Mi Moneda Coin Necklaces: I first spotted these on a blogger a few years ago, and have been infatuated ever since. Mi Moneda (the spanish for "My Coin") is a jewellery rage that is "Inspired by vintage coins and combines high-style jewellery with ancient spiritual ideas." The idea is that you customise your own pendant by choosing your own "Moneda" coin, pendant and necklace to create your own signature piece. The selection is so beautiful, and I found myself lusting after the shell design Monedas, with the rose-gold casing, so delish!

Name-Necklace: Something that I've wanted since the ever-fabulous Carrie Bradshaw first sported it in SATC. These name-necklaces are both eye-catching and utterly delicate, everything a nice piece of jewellery should be. There are so many shops online that sell them, but I would rather go with a trusted  seller, as I want to ensure a genuine gold plated finish and good quality. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

Michael Kors Watch: After two separate trips to repairs, my trusty gold Casio has definitely seen better days. It served me well over the past few years, but it's time to start thinking about an upgrade. Considering how much I absolutely adore my Michael Kors bag (see blog post here) since investing in it, I figure that an MK watch would be another good investment. I love the look of a chunky watch on a bare, delicate wrist, and the rose-gold shade appears to go with everything, including irish skin tones! Probably the most expensive item on this wish list, I will probably have to justify it as an occasion-marking purchase, such as getting my first real "grown-up" job (hopefully in television). The funny thing about  occasion-marking purchases is that they serve as an incentive for me to achieve the mark  sooner, which is always a good thing!

Alex and Ani Bracelets: I admit it, I've been pulled in by the hype. They're cute, they're affordable, and they're a collect-and-keep kind of piece, like friendship bracelets for grown-ups! Seeing style-maven Angela Scanlon sporting these quirky, trinket bangles a-plenty makes me want to get in on the "positive energy" they've got going on. Boasting a huge range of collections and personalised pieces, prices for Alex and Ani bracelets start at under €30, and are available at Arnotts. 

Disclaimer: It should be noted that although this is a birthday wish list, I don't expect all (or any) of these pieces to be bought for me for my birthday by my loved one's. However, I just might have to treat myself to one of them in the near future... after all, you only turn 24 once!

What do you think of this Wish-list? Is there anything there that you would buy, or have already? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!


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Wishlist #4 Printed Summer Suit

BonPrix Outfit Moodboard

All items from
Hey guys! So as you can see I'm really getting into the whole Wishlist thing, and here is my most recent one featuring some of my favourite picks for a summery, tropical-themed look, as its something Ive been really into lately. 

Im a bit obsessed with printed suits right now. They are so fresh and fun, and you can also mix and match the separates into other outfits, as well as wearing them together for maximum impact!

 This plant-print suit is absolutely amazing, Im really into the longer short-length and the matchy-matchy green print ~ it so cool!! I would team with a pair of simple black strappy sandals to tone the print down (if thats at all possible!) and a matching chunky gold chain bracelet & necklace to swag it up that bit more. I also threw in a tan handbag to hold all my would-be summer essentials ~  ice-pops and paper umbrellas of course!



Wish List #3 ~ Black & Gold

I was only when I was checking out some of my lovely fellow blogger's Wish List's that I realised I haven't done one in ages! There are quite a few things that I'm lusting after at the minute, so It feels like the perfect time to make a new one. I decided to give this Wish List a "Black and Gold" theme ~ given the colour palette. Its also very Rihanna inspired, Im seriously digging that girl's style right now! Tough, edgy, but with the the right amount of femininity too.
Here goes!

1: Black Metal Detail Party Sandals: I absolutely love these cute strappy heels from NewLook. You can see the rest of their beautiful range here.

2: Black "LA" Snapback: I like the simplicity of this snapback. Most of the ones I see are much louder and have slogans on them, this one is more chic!

3: ASOS Jumbo ID Necklace:  I need one of these necklaces in my life. That is all.

4: Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots: How perfect are these boots? Like seriously. These bad boys have been on my Lust-List for some time now, I've been trying to put money aside for a pair as they're a little pricey, Im nearly there now!

5: Chunky Lion Head Necklace: I know its a little over the top, but teamed with an all-black outfit, this would be the perfect statement piece. I love it.

6: Marc Jacobs Handbag: Any Wish List wouldn't be complete without at least one really expensive fantasy piece, and here's mine. I would kill for a Marc Jacobs bag, they're so functional yet elegant, and they look extremely sturdy too. I will invest someday!

7: Ray Ban Circle Lens Sunglasses: These are making a repeat appearance on my Wish Lists, and I can't help it. I want a pair of these so bad! They are my ultimate pair of Sunnies. I think I will have to invest in a pair come summertime. Unfortunately this pair are sold out right now (boo) but you can find more here.



Wish List #1 ~ Christmas WishList

Since I'm absolutely LOVING checking out all my fellow bloggers' Christmas WishLists, I figured it would be a good idea to make my own. After all, there are so many things that Im lusting after, it would be plain rude not to share them, don't you? So, lets get to it, shall we? 

  1: Studded Boots. First up are these studded beauties from eBay. Both functional and bad ass, these gorgeous boots come in white and black, and I haven't decided which colour to go for yet. Which colour would you pick? 

  2: Sigma Brush Set. I have been meaning to buy a good set of makeup brushes for AAAAGES now, and from what I've been hearing about the Sigma brand, these brushes are the Top Dogs for both quality and value. 

  3: Fringed Satin Kimono. Do I really need to explain why this is on my WishList? I think its pretty evident. Just look at it! 

  4: Moschino Belt. Im never usually one for blatant brands, but I've always loved the look of this belt, worn over dresses or with denim cutoffs. It tows the line perfectly between "kinda tacky" and "90's supermodel." 

  5: Sigma 18-55mm Lens.  Although its not the prettiest feature in my Christmas Wishlist, this Sigma lens will deliver some very pretty pictures, so I thought I would include it here :) 

  6: Topshop Arson Boots. I need them. That is all. 

  7: Rayban Circle Shades. I have wanted these beauties since I saw them on another blogger years ago. I know its not really the season for sunnies, but I SHALL own them someday. (and hopefully never sit on them like I do with most of my other pairs) 

  8: Leather "Bucket" Bag. Im not that much of a bag person. I usually just get one nice one and use it for quite some time, but this Leather Bucket bag makes me think its time for an upgrade. 

  9: Urban Decay "Naked" Pallette. Given that this is constantly hailed as THE eye palette for makeup-lovers, I figure I best see what all the fuss is about! It looks absolutely gorgeous, and the price is pretty reasonable too. 

  So, what do you think of my Christmas Wishlist? What items are you lusting after this year? Let me know in the comments below!



Fearless Future

An awesome new video for the SS 2010 collection for the clothing line LF Stores... was instantly drawn to it because of the Local Natives song "Wide Eyes" playing in the background, I love them so much, I took the title of the song wide eyes as part of my blog name :) check them out they're one cool band...
anyhow the video is great, I love the roadtrippin vibe of it... no to mention the clothes being very lust worthy, my pick of the bunch would have to be the Greta Lace Shorts...

love those tassels...

Wide Eyed Fire Child,


Snake Worshiper

Lusting for a snake bangle baaaaad... they look absolutely killer wrapped around the upper arm... maybe I wont go for one of these gold and silver jewel encrusted ones though, just a tad too pricey for me :)

Wide Eyed Fire Child,